Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I feel like I am drowning....

Today was one of those days. Overwhelming to say the least. As some might know, I am in the process of making a total career change. I'm thinking about going back to school for a Master's degree, need to find a new primary job, major family changes, while trying to get on top of the clutter and dust around here.

But the thing that is my focus today and makes my mind whirl in frustration is lack of information about renewing my I171H or is it the I600A. Note, I have taken off the link to my agency because, frankly, I did not want to disrespect this agency for the all the good work that they do. But to say they are Clueless is the truth. So back to the point of this post. When the news of the one time fee waive hit the IA, I called my agency. I actually had to explain the fee waiver thingy to L. After a few minutes of frustration on the phone with L, I wanted OFF THE PHONE with her and said that I would check into it. Unknowingly to me, she has been referring others with the same question to me. When I finally made contact with her after many phone messages (she does not answer email), I found out the "I was the expert on the fee waiver" (eh?)..... I need to renew my stuff before the fee jacks up. So I tell L that I will bite the fee cost and just renew before the fees go up July 30. Another "WHAT?" moment and I education L on the fee increase in July end. Where has this director of my agency been living lately? Obviously not in the IA community. So several attempts by me to contact via email others, and an eternity on hold with the USCIS, chats with the uninformed customer service rep at the USCIS, emails to USCIS (unanswered) and finally a call from L this morning saying that she is overnighting some forms for me to fill out, a I need to get a new physical?

Someone throw me a life jacket.... what should I really be doing? My I171H expired May 15 2007.... I want to get this in before the deadline July 30. These facts I do know, I really need to hear what I need to do from someone with actual knowledge.


Michelle said...

I'm sorry, I have no advice for you. Just good thoughts that you are able to get the info you need to get the paperwork in on time. I am going through a complete career change too and it is so overwhelming. Hang in there!

Kramer said...

I would go ahead and get the I-171 in before the change. We had ours redone in June. Our agency wanted us to do it before it expired but they didn't give me a reason. I could ask if you want me too. I am excited to hear all about your thoughts for the career change. I wish I was that brave. If I had only known that this wait would be so long I would have done it. Hang in there. I am sending big ((HUGS)) your way!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Hang in there friend... this too shall pass... there is a rainbow at the end of the storm.
If you can I would get it renewed.

Mama and ZZ said...

My agency, Great Wall, sent out a very detailed explaination which I am sorry to say that I deleted since I didn't need it. Maybe you could contact another client or them directly to get all the info.
Have you ever considered teaching? I love having all the holidays with Abbey. Many programs allow you to get your Master's Degree and credential at the same time.

Shannon S said...

That is a scary picture. Does tell the story, though. Does your agency deal with domestic adoption as well? I've found out that China is the least of concern for my agency. As singles we sure didn't have much choice. Thank goodness you have the smarts and go-ahead to get real answers! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your career plans! Exciting!

OziMum said...

Sorry you have had such a crappy day. We don't even have a I-171, so I can't give you any advice!

Hope that you wake up tomorrow with renewed hope, and a clearer head.

Jennifer "Jenny" said...

I am sorry too! That must be frustrating for sure. Hang in there tho, you will get through it :)

Anonymous said...

I just came across your site, I'm a Chinese adoptive mom and I KNOW who your agency is just by the way you talk about them, use the "L" name and how much they actually know!!!! ;o) All I can say is, I'm sorry.

BTW, in case you haven't found the Utah FCC yet, the contact info is as follows: Brian Stuy at 801-766-1736 or email at bhstuy@juno.com

They usually only have two get together's a year, and its mostly food and people selling stuff. In Utah the almighty dollar reigns! (And that goes for your agency too!)

Once you have Tate in your arms, all will be better...I promise! (Love the name!)