Monday, February 11, 2008


Bullet of Life.... Love it or leave it.

This picture is just because I like it......

  • So I did IT....I took a deep breath and faced my fear of substitute teaching. Yap- I did it the other day! In the best way ever to have a first time. I was a rover..... And probably the best way to break in a new substitute. The school district was meeting with each teacher for an hour. I got to experience every single grade. I started my day with the kindergarteners. Oh man, I had a hard time not snuggling on some of these doe eyed sweeties. I ended the day with the 6th graders. Loved the 6th graders, but realize how little I know about "6th grade stuff". Both the kindergarten and 6th grade teachers asked my full name at the end. I have vowed that if I get called from the 6th grade teacher, I will ask for a study guide ahead of time just so I do not look like such a fool. The only unpleasant thing I experienced was the B. O. from the kids. I guess this is something I can get used to and will help with my travels to China in the (near) future.
  • Subbing has not been short lived for one day. I actually subbed in the Industrial Technology (Shop) class for a middle school…. That experience deserves it’s very own posting. SOON.
  • S'up with the 100 wish quilt you might ask? Well, I am almost done piecing the 108 quilt squares. Just this momentous feat requires it very own posting with picture. However, I am short of a final 6 inch x 56 inch strip of no where to be found fabric to complete before I can send it out to machine quilted. Yikes..... I love the fabric and if I cannot find another small piece, I just might be unpicking the final layer and finding something else that would look totally amazing. I will just rack it up to bad math skills.
  • I just joined in on the blog lines reading wagon…. I am having mixed feelings about doing this. Somehow it seems so impersonal. I mean, it is convenient to read what everyone is up to, but I find that when I normally would comment, well, it’s just not happening. I find that instead of heading to blog lines, I will go to my blog and click on my blog list. If you do not see a comment from me, please know I am reading and just busy?!
  • As expected, I thought I would be celebration this Halloween, Christmas, Chinese New Year with Tate. When I realized that this was happening, I had vowed to myself to MAKE each of these holidays amazing anyway. So far I have been successful with this goal. CNY has been for me a three weekend celebration. It amazes me the number of Chinese (or Asian) influences we have in this city I live in. My little mind has been racing to next year and all the ways I will add these celebrations into my life with Tate.

Bullets of life.... For me, I LOVE IT!!!


3D said...

Good for you! Enjoy the sub work.

I love Bloglines just for keeping up with everyone and everything. I open the blogs to comment just the same. It is a great organizational tool for blogging.

Keep smilin!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

Great job on sub work...
Can't wait to see the quilt..
Have a Great Week..
Love the picture..

HuluMama said...

You must have done a good job otherwise the teachers would never have asked for your full name.

When I can, I do accomodate subs who ask for plans ahead of time.

Joannah said...

I think I told you it wouldn't be too bad. :-)

We call that B.O. Kid Funk where I come from.

Lisa~~ said...

Yeah for getting in there and subbing!!

Jenn said...

Woo hoo! No longer a subbing virgin! I'll take the kid funk any day over the 'after lunch cheetoh breath'...ick!

Donna & Joe said...

Subbing for a shop class? Can't wait to hear that story! ;)

Glad to hear that everything is going so well these days. Sounds like you're enjoying subbing. I would have loved those kindergarteners, although I'm sure they are quite a hand-full!

Take care and enjoy the CNY festivities!

Donna :)

Shannon said...

You are too cool! Way to go for jumping right into the subbing. I still think if you can handle subbing you can handle anything! As for the B.O....why does every school make the older kids have PE first thing??? Peeee uuuuu!

i-Con said...

It's sure sounding like good stuff.

So, I would have been surprised by the BO scene with the kiddos too. Hopefully it was the newly hormonal sixth graders and not the itty bittys.

For the record, I love that picture too. Sweet!

Julie said...

So very proud of you, and much in awe of your constant courage, creativity and positive attitude.

Linda said...

How great you jumped in to subbing...Hope it works out for you!! Maybe you should put the fabric picture up on the blog and someone will have a piece ot find it in a fabric store near them...Linda

Catherine said...

Yeah!! So glad you were able to face your fears (and facing a class of sixth graders is scary!) and find out how well you did! Way to go!!!

What fun that you had so many CNY celebrations. Wahoo!

Looking forward to seeing your finished quilt. Probably a silly question but have you looked for the fabric online? I had many friends who used to do this for a piece of scrapbooking paper so wonder if you might be successful online? Have fun with your project. I'm sure it's beautiful!

Joan said...

Way to go! Hope you get more and more assignments. I think you would be a rocking wonderful teacher.


Anonymous said...

B.O. in China? Actually Chinese people have very little need for deoderant as they do not really have B.O. it is a natural occurance and is a joke among our Asian friends. Don't worry your travels will be free of that anyway, just look out for the watermelon that is fertilized with human waste. Now that is something to be worried about.

trish said...

Congrats on the subbing!
I've done some mad searches for fabric and been successful. I may be able to help you if you post (or send me) photo of it or possibly the manufacturer and name if you know it.