Monday, February 18, 2008


Mesa received a thoughful gift from one of her fur friends. Pug.m*mm* sent this sweet collar for Mesa to wear making all who notice, aware of the problem of the sickening way some dogs are used for breed just for making some greedy slim-buckets some ill-earned money. Mesa's early beginnings was not from one of those breeders, but from a family who had both momma and dad who were loved and part of the family. This does not make Mesa unpassionate about this cause though. She wears with pride this collar and is more than willing to show it to other pups and owners at her local haunts like the dog park or walking around the "hood".

Because she is nothing but a fur fest right now, the collar gets buried under the layers of warm soft snuggle fur.
Even with this covering, Mesa's momma makes sure to point it out to others and will chat about this problem. We would like to thank Pug.m*mm* for sending way out West such a thought provoking gift.

As much as I tried to take a decent picture of Mesa sitting and wearing this collar, Mesa was too busy taking her nap and would not cooperate in the photo shoot.


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

We have our's on too..
Have a Great Week..

krj said...

My Boob (aka Ransom) got one too from Melissa, but unfortunately now he has ring around the neck! Made his hair fall out and he broke out- I swear my dog is allergic to EVERYTHING.


Shannon said...

Mesa's gotta rest up to promote the cause. =)

PIPO said...

Gotta love that pugmama.

Her heart is huge.