Tuesday, February 17, 2009


  • I have been sick with a wicked cold for the past 10 days. I still worked my early morning ten hour shift without missing an hour. I am proud of that fact since I am a believer that IF you don't feel good, YOU STAY HOME FROM WORK. I am rethinking this since I want to save my sick paid time off when I have Tate home and may need to use this time for her or for me.'

  • I think I opened a whole can of worms when I went to a new MD for my updated physical for the LAST home study. Kind of bitter-sweet. Since I am at "the age" for baseline tests and the history of no less than 4 broken bones in the past three years, the new MD and I decided to I should go for a bone scan. After the scan was analyzed, I get this call from the the MD's office that I have osteo BLAH BLAH and needed to come into the doctors immediately. I am like what the heck(???) and end up in the office the next day. All alarms were going off in my head because I am thinking that my body is falling apart just as I was realizing my life long dream of motherhood. Funny how the worst plays into the mind when given a sudden medical appointment. No worries... the MD told me that I have the beginnings of osteo softening in my spine and just need to make sure I am taking calcium and do weight bearing exercises. Another good reason to get walking with my amazing stroller, dog and TATE!

  • In our local USCIS office, we have quite a treasure. Each and every time I have gone to this office I have had the pleasure of having Jerry's help. I cannot begin to describe what a difference this experience has been when you work with someone in a US office who is there for you. He was all knowing in the free I 600A/1 171H and knew exacted what was needed. I handed off the final home study, etc to him the other day. As he glanced over my forms, he tells me he will personally hand process my papers the next day. Got to love a government worker named Jerry for that promise!

  • Projects are going slow. I think I have attention deficit in this area. As I try to finish one project, I get sidetracked with another. For months now (actually for a year and a half) I have gotten side tracked with Tate's room. In my defense I will say, working with an old house that needs things done first before cosmetics can be done really gets you off track. That and the fact that I am doing most of it alone. Recently I have made the statement that "in my next life I want to come back RICH or someone who could not care less about decor and detail". Oh how I envy the person who can live with mismatching colors and tacky decor. I am not a fashion diva and those who have been in my home know that it is not perfection.

  • I have been worried that when I get THE CALL I will be at work and will see that my agency in on the cell phone but not able to answer it because........ My nightmare that I will be stuck on a call helping some drunk in Las Vegas extending their boozed-out-gamblin' vacation for an addition two days. I was not sure if I should try to cover my shifts for the anticipated days of referrals are expected. I chatted with my new supervisor yesterday about my concerns... the responds was that they would consider this like going into labor and let me head home ASAP to take call the freak out and get the email. OR as threatened, be made to take the call with the ones at work so they could celebrate with me. This touched me deep in my heart since changing to work in the day and not night, I hardly know these people, still they wanted to be part of my joy.

  • Sadly, my agency does not get their referral when everyone else does. The story is they live in a town that DHL does not service. Since China uses DHL, the package is delivered to Las Vegas and then is US postal service to their offices in a town 90 minutes away. Is it too much to ask that someone drive to Vegas meet the DHL truck and drive back???? I am tempted to fly to Vegas to meet the package and drive to the office with the package. Only good thing to this is, I can at least gauge the anticipated day to take off of work to wait for Tate's referral.

Today is my kissy cheek love of my snuggle gal, Tess' third birthday (previously To Tess and Back). Go on over and wish her a third happy birthday. Take a gaze at her cuteness and sweetness. Pure Toddler Perfection.


Julie said...

Bless Jerry's heart - there is hope for the Government after all.

Thanks for the sweet birthday wishes!

Stacey said...

Oh, I can't believe the DHL truck doesn't come your way. Funny, whenever I see a DHL truck, I still get a little emotional. Even my kids know what it is. I got "the call" at work. In fact, I was teaching math when I my referral for my first daughter and I wrote all the information down on the first paper I could find which happened to be a behavior referral form. The news of my TA arriving for my second daughter also happened during a math lesson. I'm not kidding. Ah, the memories....

I'm on pins and needles waiting for news from you and I don't even really know who you are :) You have waited so long...too long...it is definitely your turn.

By the way, it's a good idea to save your sick leave...

Donna said...

You are keeping busy, girl! Hope you're feeling better...but you are so right to bank that sick leave. Emma was sick all the time that first year and you can go through that sick leave pretty darn fast!

Marji said...

Besides the obvious reason to be envious of me, the four Chinese daughters already home and safely tucked in at night under my roof, now I know you've got the envy bug for my decor! I knew you secretly loved the Tangerine Dream walls.

Here's hoping it's all good news this month on the Tate front.


Anonymous said...

I thought DHL does only international deliver and no longer delivers in the US, its just fedex and UPS now

LiLi said...

You'll have to hook me up with Jerry when you're done with him:)
It's about paperwork renewal time.

Just keep saying "my LID is in this batch, my LID is in this batch....."

Kayce said...

Some bullets back at cha!

* Sending you chicken soup hugs...get better!

* Love your comment about walking with the pup, the stroller and Miss Tate!

* Jerry is the best! You are so lucky. We have no one to even call us if we are missing a paper. That happened the first time...needless to say after 11 weeks of waiting we got a letter..oh by the way we are missing one thing!! ARGH!! We need Jerry in our office! You're a lucky gal to have him.

* Our projects have completely stopped. No idea why. I'm sure you are ready to go though!!

* Your work sounds awesome! It'd be fun to take the call there and have a great story to tell Tate someday about the day she "arrived".

Hugs my friend....your time is near!

Ginny said...

I hope you get better soon!

I got my referal at work and took it home and opened it. It was kind of suprising but at the last minute I was afraid to open the fedex box. I just stared at for about 10 minutes. True story.