Monday, July 27, 2009



  • My girl is teething... at least she is acting like it. She is eleven months old and only two little teeth on the bottom. For weeks now I have been waiting for some pearly whites to erupt from her swollen top gums... All evidence is pointing to this happening. WHERE ARE THOSE TEETH???
  • Tate is learning where her nose is.... and where Momma's nose is. I usually do this during face to face in the high chair feeding time. This is kind of how this time plays out. "Where is Tate's nose?" she points with with such concentration with her sweet finger. Then I ask "where is Momma's nose?" and lean in for her to touch my nose. After a few times of this I end up kissing her. Funny thing, now she thinks that a kiss is in order each time I ask where our noses are.
  • I have started to say NO to my girl. She hears nose instead of NO and will point to her nose with a big smile. How can I say NO to such a cute sweetie?
  • Tate is sharing.... she will play with something and then hand it to me so I can have some fun. Back and forth this will go. She does this with food offerings to Mesa or me. Sometimes she shares something right out of her mouth. Me??? I decline this offering. Mesa??? Takes it with gusto.
  • She has gained in five weeks 1/2 inch and almost a pound.
  • Sadly, she has started her vaccinations. She had four, two in each thigh. Man did she cry so hard. There was only one nurse doing all four. Next time I will DEMAND there be at least two nurses both shooting at the same time.... QUICKLY.
  • Man of man, I love it when she reaches her arms out for me.
  • Tate's MD gave her the go ahead to eat whatever she can gum. New taste for Tate this week is small tastes of refried beans, guacamole and soft tortillas (Mexican food at party), tiny piece of raw broccoli, tastes of ice cream, string cheese. "People" (who will be nameless) gave her a small taste of chocolate. Funny thing, why I say "PEOPLE" is because I have been told by a few "people" that they have given her a tiny taste of chocolate. Keep in mind before flaming me, Tate comes from a long line of chocolate crazy family... who can blame them?
  • Why do they have to make little girl clothes SOOOOOOOOOOO cute???



pony tails 011

Matching colors and chillin' with Twinkle Toes. Tate wants to know when she gets her own iPod.

pony tails 002

Waving with Gramps as the family floats on by on the lazy river.

pony tails 004

Sparkle and my Love






Debbie said...

She is just precious!!! Have fun mom!!!!

Brendakit said...

Oh man - be still my heart! Suz - you out there?? Such a beautiful, darling baby!

Julie said...

Love the videos and the photos - especially the one with Gramps.

And I'm not going to remind any particular person who might have fed some babies/kids in the TC's some chocolate (fondue). Not going to do it! ; )

Kayce said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE Tate stuff!! Love the videos!

Shannon said...

Love that belly! She is too cute! We are dealing with teasing the dog with food as well. Tate sounds so full of woe telling her tale of Mesa stealing her biscuit! Hugs to all three of you! =)

Jboo said...

What a cutie! Sounds like you both are doing great!


LiLi said...

I keep waiting for teeth too with Mila! There's got to be something behind all this drooling and gumming of things :)

Kramer said...

I can't believe she is getting so big and doing so many things! I love the videos, I get to see both of you beautiful babies! You are going to spend a fortune on pictures as I love everyone of them. It sure looked like a fun time with the family and I can tell Tate has Gramps wrapped around her little finger

Suz Mole said...

So, so sweet! I miss Mesa, too! Love you! Suz!

laurel said...

Awesome post. Love all the pics. She is so cute!