Sunday, March 28, 2010


Tate's language acquisition is bursting... she is saying and doing the funniest things. Here are a few that happen within the past day.

  • When Tate sneezes she follows it up with a "bwess you" (bless you)

  • Tate was left alone in a room with a Kleenex box. A box that proved too much of a temptation for one busy smart toddler. When I walked into the room I discovered tissues everywhere. One glance at me and Tate grabs a tissue and start fake coughing and wiping her nose. How can I not bust a gut at my clever girl?

  • Tate sings along to most everything. With all seriousness, she tried opera the other day. There is nothing cuter than a sweet little voice speaking the language of a toddler singing opera.

  • Tate and her Gramps have quite an act going. Gramps will sing the song How much is that doggie in the window and Tate provides the dog barking part of woof woof woof.

  • Favorite word right now is "mine".... She will say this about everything around the house. Truth be told, everything is hers. Poor Mesa has just a few balls that are Mesa's. I have had to remind Tate that the balls are Mesa's and she has to ask Mesa if she will share them with Tate. Tate will now pick up the ball and got to Mesa with a one word question SHARE??? Of course, Mesa always shares with her Tate.


Suzie said...

So cute!!! Hope I get to hear some of her cute words next week! I'll call you later :o)

Shannon said...

She's amazing! Gotta film the singing! =)

Anonymous said...

So fun when they really start talking. Tate is smart to think of the sneezing thing with the tissues.