Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Tate has started to pose for her smiles. This is what we get when we ask her to smile, including the clenched hands.

Tatie's Auntie Kelly is here from Tampa for a quick visit! The sun was out and spring was truly in the air.... How can we resists taking Nana and Aunt Kelly to the Zoo. We live only 10 minutes from the Zoo and have a season Zoo pass.
Since visiting the Zoo really is all about Tate and her enjoyment, we actually only saw a few animals but spent A LOT of time watching the baby elephant, Zuri and her momma. Zuri was so playful and adorable!
I posed her on this bronze statue. She looks like she is not too sure about this, however, she did not want to be taken off

Auntie Kelly is trying to teach Tatie how to say Rhinoceros... she is very thoughtful when she is being taught this... I think one day this hard word will leave her lips.


Suzie said...

So cute! Looks like a fun day.

I'll give you a call this weekend to talk about getting together while you are here in FL. Can't wait to meet you and Tate!

The Utah Pink Ladies said...

The Girls and I were at the zoo yesterday, too. The weather was great. I love the baby elephant.

Lisa~~ said...

Look how big she's getting, can't wait to see you both in July!

Anonymous said...

Tate's expression on top of the rhino says a lot! So cute.