Wednesday, February 28, 2007


You all know that thing that just kind of happens as soon as you make the decision to do something that you have been kind of waiting for??? Have I lost everyone on that one??? Let me be more decisive. As I am sure all of you have your m$ney China-ready, sitting and waiting, just awaiting for that magical time when it is our turn. I am ready, and waiting, and there sits the goods in a low interest savings account. So someone suggested I move it to a higher interest 6 month money market account. SIX MONTHS!!! So I am kind of feeling safe that these funds will be able to mature the full six months, unless by miracle, referrals speed up..... SO I am going for it.... Six months risk that I will not be needing such funds...... so with that being done, YOU know that the referrals will be speeding up, just because I have committed these funds.....

When this happens, I will be accepting thanks you from everyone!!!


Shannon said...

I DEFINITELY would be sending you a thank you! So no worries there. :-)

But I know what you mean, it's like a murphey's law, as soon as you do one thing, then WHAM you learn something that would have made you pick differently. Just fate, I guess! Happens to everyone!

Doris & Dan said...

Hey...whatever works to kick start the universe!

Keep smilin!

J said...

I had the same thought when I moved our adoption money into a 6 month CD (5 months ago). Deep down inside I was really hoping that this would be Murphy's law for me. With a 2/17/06 LID, I could probably reinvest that money for 6 more months and be fine. A very depressing thought, but who knows, maybe you will have more luck than I.