Thursday, April 05, 2007


It is kind of sad when an eight year old girl wants to give up her dolls and a dollhouse and puppet theatre for teen stuff. Although I think it is sad that she wants to grow up so very fast, I am happy that she thinks of Tate for her throw offs.

This puppet theatre came without puppets, and thanks to IKEA, Tate has started her sets of puppets. I bought recently at a trip to Houston (IKEA is not here in SLC until May 23), the two sets of puppets. One set shown is the Aquatic puppets and the other set is of Zoo animals.

In the center of all this fun, is a princess/ballet dancer puppet or what I think Tate will think will represent her. I have looked tons of places for a non-blond princess but the closest I have seen is more of a curly-haired brown girl .... Not too Asian looking. The other day, I happen on this one.... and within seconds, she became a central part of Tate's puppet theatre. I plan on buying a puppet that will represent me as the Queens and will add a crown to this ballet dancer to make a princess. Fun for play and perhaps later a great instrument for dialogue between a momma and Tate.


Last year I bought from the gift shop in the lobby of the hospital I work in, these little ladybug galoshes to fit a three year old...... At the time they did not have a size 3T lady bug rain coat and put me on a list to call when they received more in. This request was last year!!!! It shocked me the other day while at work, I received a call from the gift shop telling me that they have a 3T raincoat now in stock and asked if I wanted it??!! Wanted it???? You bet and within minute's I, ummmm, I mean Tate now has this adorable lady bug rain coat.

And to top this cuteness off, here is the wooden, hand painted hanger that the rain coat was on!!! Because I technically live in a desert, I will be moving to Portland or Seattle so Tate can wear this darling of an indulgence.


Doris & Dan said...

Cuteness overload! Love it.

Keep smilin!

Stacy said...

Wow! What great stuff!! I just love the puppets and the theater. I have seen the rain coat and boots at a little boutique in town. I never knew the hanger was so cute. Tate is going to by stylin' in the rain!

C.J. said...

Love the puppet theatre.

Hah...moving for a raincoat to be used sounds like something I would consider ;0)

Andrea said...

I was at "your" hospital last night and saw all the ladybug stuff. I am wanting the umbrella!! Devin had to drag me away to go visit the person we had came to see. I think Maya will have to come and play with Tate when they get home?!?

Jewels of My Heart said...

You are too cute! What a wonderful Mama you are. I love the raincoat and galashes!
How fun the puppets are... it is sad an 8 year old wouldn't want it anymore.... Here's to Tate not wishing away her sweet childhood....
Ok, I couldn't help but think of the movie "What About Bob" when you talked about perhaps a means for communitcation when she is older.... it made me chuckle.
Too Cute!
God's Speed

Sarah's proud Mama said...

Sarah got this ladybug set along with the matching umbrella for her birthday back in October from my Uncle. It looks SOOOO much cuter on, trust me! She loves to wear it even when it is sunny, and sometimes I let her just because she's my girl, I love her, and she looks cute rain or shine.

Samantha said...

Great Stuff what a lucky girl she will be! I need to hit IKEA!

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

.() ()
~('o') ~*HAPPY EASTER*~

Love the rain suit!