Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I have started Tate's package to send her after I see her sweet face. My Secret Pal and friend, Kim, sent me this WHO LOVES BABY book.

The first page will be me..... MOMMA.

Then I will have NANA and MOMMA.... since we will be the two she will first "MEET". Then GRAMPS and NANA. I have a feeling that GRAMPS will be one of Tate's favorite people since every KIDDO always just loves GRAMPS. If Gramps was not such a pain to travel with, I would have insisted on having him come along as well..... But sadly too many frustrating trips to Norway, London, Paris and the USA have made me decide to leave him home to "prepare" for the arrival of Tate. I am sure he will be stocking the fridge with stuff as well as too much treats for when we arrive home.

On this picture I was torn. I wanted Tate and the Nannies to have a full shot to see how large Mesa was. I thought if I included just a face shot of Mesa, Tate might be too scared of either the picture or once we get her home, overwhelmed by this snuggle pup.

Here is my brother and sister (in law). They will be a significant part of Tate's life as they have been asked to be her guardians. In all this world, I could never find better parents and I just happen to be the lucky one to have such a brother and sister (in-law). I put the in-law in ( ) because she truly is a sister to me.
And finally are my nieces and nephews..... the parents are above. As I look at these faces, I have tender feeling for each one. I can only image Tate sitting in that space in the middle of the kids.
Each and everyone one of these kids are just plan amazing. From l to r is Twinkle Toes (just turned 8), Smiley (14), Awesome (18) and Sparkle (almost 12).
I have talked the most about Twinkle Toes. She is a little mini-me (0r so I have been told) and spends a lot more time with me cause she is the youngest and is not as involved as the older kiddos. I have talked a little about Smiley and Sparkle but have never talked about Awesome. He truly is Awesome and deserves more recognition than just his name but will be done in another post in the future.
All I need to do now is figure out the Chinese characters for Momma. Nana. Gramps. Dog. Uncle and Aunt. Cousins. I also need to figure out how to print it out in clear sticky paper to add to the pictures. Once done, into the care package it will go.


Doris & Dan said...

Those are great photos of a great family! Can not wait for the day that Tate meets them in person!

Keep smilin!

Stacey Teague said...

Don't forget to save the very first page for a picture of your BABY!!!!!

Sandra said...

What a nice bunch of family shot for Tate to look at!

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Aw, she'll absolutely love it. Our girls sleep with their photo albums. And when they're up in bed before falling asleep they flip through the little books and we can hear over the monitor "Mama! Dada! Bob Bob! Wawa!" It is so dang cute. (Our photo albums are cloth so they're nice and soft when they fall asleep on them.) You can print out the labels that I have in the Tools and Tips section on my site and cut those out to use as photo labels if you want.

Kramer said...

I am so excited that you are working on Tate's book. Maybe one day I will get Emma's together. I love the pictures. Tate is going to be one lucky girl to have such a wonderful family.

Jewels of My Heart said...

How loved your little Tate already is. She has a beautiful family.
God's speed

cougchick said...

What a beautiful family. Tate will love her book!

Dawn, Brian & Guinness said...

What a neat idea to make a picture book for Miss Tate!! The photos are wonderful (What a great-lookin' family she is going to have!!)

And she is sure going to love snuggling up with her Mesa!!


Susie said...

I love those books. I have given them to my niece's. I need to buy a new one for my babe sometime soon.

Colleen said...

Great photos. Look at sweet Mesa posing for the pic!! Love it.

Um...I'm liking the "boating/warm" picture better than the snowy one. Has nothing to do you with you - just the snow.. ick! Done - want summer...palm trees...grass...

Good choices tho really. :)

tracy said...

What a great book for Tate full of her beautiful family members! Great pics!