Thursday, January 15, 2009


So much is going on in my life, on the adoption scene and at this good old house.... all good, but causing me to have no time.

So busting out the bullets.

  • Shocked and over the moon with the latest "rumors" of the speed up of referrals thru at least March 23.... I would be shocked if I see Tate's face in a few days to weeks.... happily over the moon shocked!

  • After work I stopped off at a grocery store for a few items. I was drawn to the baby section.... I just stood there and stared. I was soaking in all the baby food, melty baby snacks, pediolyte, formulas... BLANKLY stared at all items that means "BABY". I soon will be adding stuff from this aisle into my grocery cart. Sooner than maybe expected, I might add. I decided to buy that small square wipes container for my new diaper satchel.

  • Shoppy with my gal in mind .... overstuffed rocking chair for snuggle time with my gal, small portable diaper bag that fits into my purse AND will hook to the side of her stroller.

  • I decided to re-register for stuff at Babys r Us. By now I have collected a few things and know more what I need and want. I originally registered a few years ago and I was clueless. Still have not bought a car seat. The one I originally wanted is not available because it was last years style. I guess this is what happens when a momma waits three years for her baby.
  • Slowly but surely I am getting the nursery done. I have a goal to get it at least looking cute by the time I have a friend and her two kiddos come to visit the snow in Utah.... looking forward to meeting this gal and her family.

  • I am working on the renewal of the last and final I 600A... what a joy (cough, cough) to be working with my agency.... I have not wanted to disrespect or speak badly here on this blog so hope this quote from Seinfeld will suffice... "SERENITY NOW, SERENITY NOW!!!"

  • For the renewed home study I needed to get a physical. Oh joy of JOY!!! Not only am I armed with the signed paperwork for the home study, I now have a fistful of other "tests" that I get to do!!! Lucky me... mammogram, colonoscopy, bone density scan..... and more blood work.

  • Not sure how much I will believe I will be seeing Tate's face next week. I am okay with seeing her muchly anticipated sweet face. Just figure if rumor at true, I will be getting an dream come true sooner than later.

I do have a lot of catch up of posts like the home rejuvenation going on here as well as Tate's kingdom and wardrobe. All are posted with anticipation of just plan boring stuff, but stuff I wanted to document for when I slurp this blog, edit, print in book form and end this chapter of the blog. I do plan on continuing a new blog documenting life with Tate.


Pug Mama said...

my buzz has faded.
I don't think we will get a referral next week.

Kayce said...

Yes lots going on, in your life and rummer land as well! Many hugs!

Linda said...

You are so close and the first look is so unbelievable... I am praying for referrals to go through the seventh or better. So many friends in March who are waiting... Keep the Faith... Linda

Jennie said...

I hope you see her soon! It's been a long haul. Good luck with this next batch!

Ava's family said...

I have to agree with Pug Mama....I think the NEXT batch will be packing the 7th AND 8th!

Shannon said...

Rumors are crazy but no matter what Tate WILL be yours soon! =)

Eileen said...

Oh, I hope the speed up rumors are true! And if you find a place to slurp your blog, PLEASE let me know! It was one of the main reasons I started a blog and when I went to Blurb to make a book for a Christmas present, they said they no longer do blogger. I about died. I found one other place but they quoted me $68 for what Blurb would have done for like $15.

So, if you know of a place, I'd love it if you shared!

Tana said...

All this talk about you possibly getting your referral sooner than later has me wondering - how's the nursery coming? I need new Kingdom photos! :o)

Elyssium Earth said...

Honey can you please email me at I so wanna send stuff.

Julie said...

I can't even begin to share how happy we are for you!

Catherine said...

So much fun stuff! How exciting to think of you in the baby aisle and getting great to buy things for your little Tate!!

Shelley said...

Soon, Baby Mama! Soon! So excited for you! Can't wait to see Tate!



Ginny said...

Hey, what a party we could have if you did get your referral before our arrival.
Can't wait to see the nursery and it doesn't have to be cuted up for us.

PIPO said...

I am just loving that wonderful people like you are feeling the excitement coming at you now :0)

Even if it is another, so close and you will know you are next.

Kris said...

Hi there...I am right with LID is 3/7/06, and yes I was staring at the BABY isle too this week. Then I spotted a 'ladybug' toy, and HAD TO buy was a sign, right??? lol Anyways, I think we are both 124b, I look forward to getting to know you.

3/7/06 next? Fingers crossed.