Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Tate's doctor likes to see Tate every two months.... thankfully I have good insurance. I like that he likes seeing her so much and is so on top of things.

Three more vaccines... Chickenpox, MMR, DTP and her flu shot. This time with two nurses and fast shooting... still heart wrenching tears, but only a few seconds of pain.

  • Height 31.0 inches (91%) US charts
  • Weight 21.94 lbs (57%) US charts

In almost two months, she has gained 1.5 inches in height and 2 lbs.

She has gotten all four teeth on the top which gives her a total of 6 teeth. She crawls around everywhere and pulls herself up on everything. She is walking with help. She will sing along (ahhhhh ahhhh) to music and dances constantly. The other day I was tapping my hand on my leg to the beat of the music while driving... I looked back to her, she was doing the same thing. She cannot wait until she is old enough to walk and play with her best friends Gwennie and Caroline.

My baby is growing up!


Anonymous said...

It is a happy time when all the immunizations are current! So fun that she mimics you:)

LiLi said...

Wow- she is going to be tall! Cool- I love being tall!

We go in next week for more immunizations....I don't look forward to them - we always have a couple of days of fussiness afterward.

Tabitha said...

AHHH, She is tall like her mamma! I love the video of her in her bed! So cute!

laurel said...

Way to grow!!!