Tuesday, December 26, 2006


From the most amazing, creative and generous Secret Pal ever..... Kim Kramer

In this box are gifts for Me and Mesa and TATE!!! Tate is getting Christmas gifts!!!! This year was much harder to endure without Tate than last year. I just KNEW that I would be holding Tate in my arms and gaze at the lights of the tree, open gifts and watch the astonishment and wonderment of the season played off of a child's face. I will not denied that a few tears were shed on Christmas Eve by me because of the loss I felt this Christmas. Just the simple act of leaving a Christmas wish in the comment section by Kim comforted me so greatly. Opening Christmas morning these gifts given by Kim and Mike and Emma and Jack and Kosmo brought sheer JOY!!!!


Lee-Anne said...

I was certain at the beginning of the year, I'd have a referral now. I have good days and bad days, but mostly I just feel annoyed! Hopin and prayin that we'll know something by about July next year.
Fingers Crossed.

Kramer said...

I am so sorry it was such a hard Christmas. I too shed some tears. I was looking at our Babyjellybean site last year where my family had bought gifts for Emma and felt that empty spot that can only be filled by Emma. I can't wait until the day our empty hearts are filled with joy. Hang in there!

Journey 2 Eme said...

There are no words that I can say to make this wait any less bareable. But my fingers are crossed that somehow things start to speed up so Tate will be with you soon.

I've loved seeing all the fun things you've gotten from your secret pal, and then finding out you were each others ... thanks for sharing.

Hoping 2007 is full of lots of joy (and arms being filled with Tate).

Donna & Joe said...

Lisa, there were tears shed by me too this year, so please know that you're not alone. We were supposed to have our girls home for this Christmas, so how can we not be a little sad. Things just aren't going as originally planned and I don't like it one bit!

It's people like your Secret Pal who make this whole waiting thing so much easier to take. She was so incredibly thoughtful to send you gifts for under the tree! It sure looks like Mesa enjoyed the new ball and Tate will look simply adorable in that sweet santa outfit next year.

Lisa, hang in there and know that I'm hangin right there with you!

Donna :)

Donna said...

I'm sure it was so hard to really celebrate the holidays this year without Tate. I'm glad your secret pal brought a little joy to you, though!

Anonymous said...

I wish the months would fly by!!! Nothing fills the spot of a child! My heart goes out to you, I am glad that you and Kim have each other to support each other. I have visited many blogs and even though I feel for all the waiting, the ones who have no children and are waiting touch me the most!!! I think they should move all parents waiting for the first child to the front of the list!!!!!! Happy New YEAR!!!! Lets hope things start to speed ahead!!!
Dee Anna Martin
Kim Kramers sister

Connie said...

I know exactly what you mean, Lisa. Though a special time, it has been a hard week in many ways.

You've got one incredibly thoughtful pal with that special remembering of Tate and her family.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl...I am so sorry that it was a tough holiday. I was right there too. Cried quite a bit, and I couldn't wait for it to be over. Onward I guess right?? Your blog friends are all here for ya!! Big hug.

rubyiscoming said...

we so feel your sadness about the holidays this year without tate. i thought that FOR SURE we would meet miss ruby by now, but alas no.

like lee-anne, my fingers and toes are crossed for 2007!!!!