Sunday, December 03, 2006


This picture has nothing to do with the post, just liked it and since this is a RANDOM not set subject post, I am enjoying it there.

I think I have a crush on James Taylor!!! I am not one to get crushes on random guys. Sometimes I even questioned my like of the now EX-Boy Toy. But today it is a crush… I stand corrected…. LOVE with James Taylor. Maybe it is that UNI- brow or the continuous forehead. Maybe it is the sensitive eyes or mellow serenading voice or long elegant fingers strumming his guitar (strum me JT). But whatever it is, I just bought his NEW Christmas CD and LOVE IT!!!! On this CD is the song Some Children See Him… I actually stopped what I was doing and listened to the WORDS. There is a verse where it is specifically addressed to Asian children…. Oh man I love me JAMES TAYLOR!!!

Mesa in now training…. to be a DOG
. She seems to think (as do I) that she is not a dog. She has full run of the house and the car and everyone who comes to visit. So this weekend we started with the baby steps… While I had a massage on Friday night, she stayed out in her room. Whined a few whines, but stayed there for a few hours. I really had a hard time relaxing when she whined, but we both survived. Saturday she was kept outside in her fenced yard with all her balls for a few hours. SURVIVED THIS TOO!!! Today she was put in her room while I enjoyed scrambled eggs and toast without sharing with her….. Next weekend will start the riding in car training. This one will be the hardest one for me….. I love riding around with Mesa next to me snuggling with her left leg up over my shoulder…… All this is in preparation for Tate. I want Mesa to change her behavior before Tate comes so that she does not resent Tate for changing her place from BABY of mine to DOG of mine.

Bah Humbug??? Last year I did not put up Christmas decorations. This year I thought I just might do the same. Last year it was like “this will be the last year I can get away without decorating because NEXT year I will have Tate”. This year it is “Why bother? I’m never home anyway!!!” I am hosting two if not three parties---- two family parties and possibly a friend party. There will always be outstanding food, but not the atmosphere of Christmas. Is it fair to host a Christmas party without Christmas decorations??? After contemplating I have decided to semi decorate…. The Fireplace mantle and dining room table, buffet and chandelier. And of course there is always TONS of burning candles. Candles are something I do year round!!!!
In the Christmas spirit, a friend of mine’s husband came by yesterday to replace the missing drawer from Tate’s hutch. He measured and two hours later showed up with a finished drawer!!! He will not take a thing for doing this!!! He said it is given in the Christmas spirit!!! Oh how I love to give but find it so hard to receive….. Just maybe some kind of yummy might show up on his front porch.

Rules for Posting Pictures while in China…. For all those who are traveling to get their gals, I have specific rules for you to follow whilst posting pictures of your gals. First, I live vicariously thru you all….. I want to see pictures of the babies!!! I want close-ups of the face. I want to see the Mommas and Babas with their treasures. Pictures of the amazing Chinese places are just great… but show me the kiddos and save your travel log pictures for the lifebook or family albums…. Selfish I know, but really I want to see the babies and you!!!

Randomness over and out…. What’s happening with everyone else???


Connie said...

Heehee - love your picture rules. I agree!

Don't ask me any decorating for X-mas words of wisdom....this place is BLEAK this year...and possibly next. Thppppt!

I like JT too but he has always seemed a little 'unbalanced' despite his beautiful voice. Geesh - look who's talking ;0) I may have to check into that CD.

Poor does one become a dog after all this time? ;0)

Joannah said...

Okay, I, too, love James Taylor. Always have! I named one of my pooches after him - Sweet Baby Taylor. I have got to get my hands on that CD!!!

Oh! I just read Connie's comment about our boy! For shame!!!

Lee-Anne said...

LOL! Your new Mama's and Baba's rules are hilarious!!! AMEN SISTA!

As far as Christmas Decs, I posted a pic of my decorations last week... pretty sad, but hey... at least its something!!!

Krista said...

I can not NOT decorate for Christmas! It's my holiday. I'll post some pics of my decor on the blog one of these days. You can stop over & check it out. Maybe some Xmas spirit will find it's way to you.

PS. I totally agree with the baby pics rule!! Good one.

wzgirl said...

I had the hugest crush on James Taylor around back 1989. I had his Greatest Hits on heavy rotation around then.

Totally normal.

Hang in there re: Holidayz. It won't be easy, friend - but before you know it, they will be ovah!!

Kramer said...

First off when you get Mesa trained can you come help get Jack in line?! He knows he rules the house around here. Anytime Emma gets something new I tell him that it is Emma's. He just thinks I'm crazy because he can't figure out who the heck this Emma person is! As for the holidays. I am trying to get in the mood. I have decided to include Emma's (spirit?) during the holidays. She is even getting some gifts. I totally agree with the pictures. Do you ever get upset when you get on the blog to check out the daily activity and see some new pictures of the babies and there is nothing! How can they keep us waiting. So my directions to you Lisa are for you to make sure I have new pictures of Tate everyday (can you do that for me?)

Anonymous said...

I love James Taylor too! I have hsi Christmas C.D.( As well as Every single other C.D. he has out). They just did a trubute to him on KCET. It was very good, and they rerun their programs all the time. You should check it out!

Donna said...

I really like the James Taylor Xmas CD's amazing!

Anonymous said...

I think the picture is for Chinese New Year -there are usually fish in the CNY ones.


Anonymous said...

JT ROCKS!!! Love him...(his voice, that's as far as I can go. Must check out the Xmas CD!

Don't worry about Xmas. Dear god woman if it doesn't seem like we'll have the girls next year - we will ALL hop a plane and find a way to get them. LOL!

I second that with the pic rules! We want to see BABIES!

tracy said...

I thought I was a JT fan, but you girl..well, you take the cake if you are in love with the unibrow! It's the voice...yep, that's what you love. I heard him sing a song live off that CD, now I'm just going to have to go get it!

Cindy said...

Mesa...A Dog???? Good luck with that one!

Anonymous said...

Lisa you should decorate for Christmas because yuou never know who will come this holiday season.

Love, Smiley

Anonymous said...

Lisa you should decorate for Christmas because yuou never know who will come this holiday season.

Love, Smiley

Wicked Witch said...

That picture is a one child ad from China. I added to our lifebook for our daughter.

James Taylor is smooth. Smooth is very very good. I saw Jackson Brown last summer and felt a similar love.

Ive seen fire and Ive seen rain.

Anonymous said...

JT is already mine, so you can't have him! lol... I've been a fan for a really long time, and yes, he is fabulously hypnotizing with that style of his. See if you can download the "Hourglass" cd... you won't be sorry.

And yes, all babies, all the time :)

Anonymous said...

Happy 9 Month LID!!
Your Feb Secret Pal

Tawni said...

I second your rules for baby pictures.

And really, a uni-brow does make a man tempting.

I have never gone all out on Christmas decorations...just makes my house even more cluttery. I have a tree, stockings and a couple of misc. decorations my MIL will look for when she comes over - but that's all - bah humbug!

Last but not least - poor, poor Mesa - but it has to be done! :)