Sunday, December 10, 2006


We (Me, Mesa and Tate) have the best February Secret Pal.... EVER!!!!

My F.S.P. chose SNUGGLY and WARM.....She strayed from the assigned theme and created her own theme!!! Ah... a woman after my own heart!!! First, who comes up with these themes anyway??? Take a close look at the yellow package just behind the bear.... It is empty because Mesa has it. This was the only way I could get peace from Mesa while I opened the package. She is insane when we get our S.P. gift!!!

Tate got the sweetest bear!!! A blanket and a personalized Tate "Taggy". Every items was so very soft!!!!! Also Tate got the cutest Teenagy outfit.... sparkle jeans, a long sleeved short sleeved combo shirt, and a headband!!!! My pre-teen niece, Sparkle, just could not believe how cute it was and was wondering if she could get a matching outfit!!!

CHOCOLATE... DARK and delicious.... and this frame. The frame was give for me to use with my first picture of Me and Tate.... on Tate Day!!! This will be a moment I will never forget and having this picture in this frame makes it even more true.
A wobble ball and treat..... the package is empty and was enjoyed by Mesa. Mesa's S.P. apologized that the treat was not low-fat. Mesa would like her Special S.P. to know that she has now accepted her girlish figure and has come to terms with it. With all the "Junk in Her Trunk" she is the hottest gal at the dog park and gets plenty of male attention. (Something Momma is kind of bugged by)....... So bring on the FAT!!!!
Next gift will be the big reveal and I can hardly wait to know who the most amazing Secret Pal ever is!!!!
Oh... Did I mention before that -


Anonymous said...

What great stuff! I love the Taggy blanket!


Connie said...

Awesome stuff! I agree. You have the most fantastic secret pal EVAH!

Anonymous said...

That is the world's best SP ever! She should be certified!!!

Anonymous said...

Good lord - I don't have a secret pal yet, but when I do, I want her to be your S.P.'s CLONE!!!! That's some awesome package o'stuff ya got there!

Shannon S said...

Mesa wears her curves well. =)

Anonymous said...

You DO have the best SP ever!! She thinks of everyone..Tate, you and of course the ever cute Mesa!! Give that hairy fur ball and BIG smooch on the nose from me!!

Lee-Anne said...

Fantastic gifts! I love the SP swap.

tracy said...

That is a super nice secret pal!

superclosetnerd said...

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Donna said...

YOu really hit the jackpot, girl!

Anonymous said...

YOU do have an AMAZING secret pal. Doesn't it make the wait easier. Anything to pass the time is good.


TaiwanMommy said...

Dear Tate-r-Bug,

My name is Taelor. I'm 13 months old. 3 months ago, I moved here from Taiwan, with my twin sister, Harper.

My Mommy and Daddy always call me Tate. And they call me TaterBug, and TaterBeans.

You and I have something in common, huh?

Just thought I'd say Hi, cause your Mom sounds nice. Your room is really going to be pretty, too.

You can come see me and my siblings on my blog. I'm glad I'm not the only TaterBug out there.. we really are just the coolest chicks! :)

Tate 1

Melissa said...

you have the bestest SP!!!!