Monday, September 03, 2007


(I need to brag and say that my dad is 77 and mom 72, amazing if you ask me!)

Ahhhhhh. the last holiday of the Summer! I am not going to lie and say that I am so sad that the Summer is OVER! I am ecstatic that Summer had finally come to an end.

Twinkle Toes was lucky enough to have a three day sleep over with my parents, Nana and Gramps.... The end result was one very spoiled 8 year old and two tired but happy Grandparents. When I chatted with Twinkle Toes, she claimed that she was "bored" which I knew was not true but code for me to be part of the fun. I have been craving heading up to the crisp air of the mountains and wanted to go on a small hike around a mountain lake. It did not take too much convincing for these three, and off we went on this adventure. We headed up to a local ski resort. You can see that Twinkle Toes is presenting the sign that we were at 8,735 feet. What is it with 8 year olds that they are soooooo silly?! Just before I snapped this picture she was acting all goofy. I said something funny and this is the expression that I got out of my joke.
After walking around the lake and eating some BBQued hamburgers, we headed up over the mountains on a winding dirt road. Along the way we saw the coolest thing..... a Momma moose and her young baby moose. I did have a camera but thought that the momma seemed a little nervous and protective over her young charge, so I opted to make a mental picture and leave it at that. Within 15 minutes into this road, we saw a bull moose. I think this is moose heaven. We finally ended up in Park City where we did the Twinkle Toes exchange with her dad.
Twinkle Toes is the youngest in her family which is tough when there are so many changes with the older siblings. She now is alone in her elementary school and has to "represent" her family in that school. Once thought of as a darling little sister by Sparkle is not an obnoxious annoyance to this now 7th grader. Sadly, Twinkle Toes is the brunt of all sorts of eye rolls and irritations. I also remember the same age when I had a four year older brother. Once he hit the Jr High years he no longer adored me and I was just as annoying to him as Twinkle Toes is to her four year older sister. I got to share this with my mini-me, Twinkle Toes, bonding us even tighter than before.


kris said...

Glad you had such a great weekend, Twinkle Toes is stunning... I fear for her future and what her parents will have to do- like, you know, chain her up and tell her she can't date til she's 40.

Colleen said...

"T.T" (for short) is sooo cute!! Glad you had a nice weekend. I do LOVE LOVE summer, but there is something to be said for crisp autumn air. (and the yankee candles that go along with it)

Shelley said...

Twinkle Toes sure is a beautiful girl. And she sounds like she's a lot of fun. What a great weekend you had.

P.S. - I do know that 8-year-old girl goofiness all too well. ;)

Joannah said...

She's a darling girl, and you are a wonderful auntie!

Abby's Mom said...

Great pictures and your parents look wonderful!

Donna & Joe said...

Twinkle Toes is definitely your "mini-me". She's a beautiful girl and I bet she looks a lot like your childhood photos.

I also can't wait for summer to come to an end. I'm SOOO tired of this Phx's pretty bad when a 99 degree forcast sounds like a cool down.

My VERY favorite season is fall and it's right around the corner! Yeah!

Donna :)

Kristin said...

Twinkle Toes is a gorgeous child!