Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tagged for Top 10 Things

I have been tagged by Donna for the top ten thing I wanted to get for Tate. Now with this being said, I could manage without any of these items if it meant that I would be holding Tate. She does not need any of these items, but a momma can always have a dream.

Most of the items I have registered for are either in my BabiesR or Tarjay registry.

First the practical stuff.....
The high chair. I want something that will match my kitchen. As I have said before, I think as a single momma, it is a necessity to have a high chair. This is one way to keep Tate occupied while I cook, clean, and just maybe rest. Besides being cohesive with the kitchen, it must have wheels, dish washable tray, and adjustable seat. I think this is an Even flow brand.

Besides a high chair, I want a chair that will attach to tables. I figure it is portable enough to leave in the car and a quick grab when needed. (Mom and brother's houses)

Going with the chair theme.... I love this chair. My friends in Norway have one for each of their three kiddos. Each chair is adjusted for that perfect sitting height. I figure this would work in the kitchen when Tate helps me cook or needs to just be part of things.

I have heard that this is by far the BEST car seat. Britax. I love the colors and the flowers..... I could care less if it matched my car. This should last until Tate no longer needs a car seat. Since this is a little pricey, I have also selected something that is more reasonable Not as cute, I might add, but safe none the less.

Ah, the classy Chassie. So far I have collected two jogger strollers. One that is not too new but was given to me that I will give away. I found another newer one that I bought for a steal at a yard sale. This newer one will be the stroller I take to the mountains and on some of the area trails. This Maclaren is the one I have registered for. I love how classy the look is. When the wait looked to be 6-9 months (at the beginning), my mom and I went out and bought a Graco..... I have since taken it back for a store credit and will buy this one when the time comes closer. I have a small SUV and travel a lot. I wanted something that would not take the whole back area of the SUV, while leaving room for Mesa. It is light, small and easy for traveling thru airports. I think this might do the trick.

Now I am not a religious freak, but I thought this would be so cool to have for the Christmas time. I have a friend who had one of these (older version) and remembers how cool it was to play with only between Thanksgiving and New Years. The baby Jesus was left out of the play until Christmas Eve and then could join in on the fun until New Years. I think that this tradition sounds so nice, and so simple to accomplish for a single momma. This is the FP Little People Nativity set.Also by FP little people is the Sweet Sounds House. This house comes with the traditional family but has an option to send away for an Asian family. I think this is something I remember from another blog, but I just may be wrong so don't quote me on this one.

Now for the DREAM stuff.....

From the Land of Nod, the table and chairs. I love that the chairs match my dining room chairs, only these are white. I love the round table with the storage area underneath.

From Pottery Barn kids, stolen from Tess' (actually her mommas) wish list. This little pink retro kitchen set. This also come in RED. I am not sure which I would go for if I had the choice. It totally depends on what color I decide to go with for Tate's kingdom's playroom.

Love the tutu.
I am so totally into girly-girl stuff. Not for me to wear, but I have started to gather dress-up stuff for Tate. It does help me visualize Tate wearing this when the model looks so cute in it.
Wow... I just did not think I could get 10 things when I was first Tagged. But when I put my mind to this task, I can even add more. Most are dreams and not reality, but like I said...
I wanted to tag more than one blogger... so I am tagging Connie, Heather, and a momma who already has her babe in arms.... Julie.


Julie said...

I will work on my list. Great choices! I have drooled over that exact Land of Nod table for some time@

chloesmama said...

Great list! The FP Little People are a great fav around our house...we have the circus and the farm and the bus. I didn't know about the Nativity--I'll have to get that now! Thanks!

Colleen said...

GREAT choices!!!

I can tell you that the Peg Perego that I have takes up the whole back of my SUV - so don't get it. (although it is nice...the Maclaren is the bomb!) Did you register for this stuff?

Ani said...

All great choices... We have the Little People Nativity set, and last year, when our kiddo was just 16 months, he just chewed on the figures... I am so looking forward to THIS Christmas, he now LOVES Little People and I'm thinking of adding another FP holiday set.

OziMum said...

Ooo! My favourite thing in the WHOLE WORLD... SHOPPING!!!

Yes, I've been drooling over those "hang off the table" kinda chairs, but recently purchased a "baby seater", cloth baby harness kind of thing, that packs into a little bag the size of your palm! (if your interested, see my blog, about 2 posts ago!!)

Lovin that PB kitchen set! Ooo-Ooo! And the navity scene, I was eyeing one of those off one ebay a while ago!!!

Salome's Mom said...

You have a very pretty blog. I love your choices. My choice of buying a high chair never worked for us. Salome refused to use it and would throw tremendous tamtrums in it.

I also love girly stuff, that tutu is adorable.

Jewels of My Heart said...

Oh, how I would have loved a beautiful pink kitchen like that when I was little. Still trying to get a Hannah a kitchen and my husband laughs because he thinks it is more for me than for her.... he might be right. Why is it I would rather play in her kitchen than cook in mine. hehee

i-Con said...

You've got some good taste there :0)

Good idea to have the table attaching booster. Drag is that I have so many glass tables. But, you're right. I can leave the booster at grandma's!

The kitchen is adorable...I saw those at Costco some time ago and, believe it or not, I passed it by. (Hear that? I am kicking myself).

Shannon said...

What fun! Love the table & kitchen set! Can we set up a play date?!

Donna & Joe said...

Great list! That wooden chair looks pretty interesting. Is there a website for it? I love the little people nativity scene. I may have to add this to my list.

Donna :)

Cindy said...

I Love that kitchen and have drooled over it myself. But that booster will be a life saver especially in resturants where the highchairs are wobbly and nasty.

Sarah said...

I find the term "religous freak" pretty rude. It's not okay to put-down people that aren't like you. Would you call a black person the N word? Would you call an Asian person a china doll? I think not! So why is it okay to call someone who has a relationship with God a freak?


Kimber said...

Oh...I LOVE your list! I want everything on it too:)

Kate has the FP house and I think the nativity will be a must very soon.