Saturday, October 06, 2007


These TWO are TWO!!! Happy Birthday to the Salsa Twins, Rose and Marie!!!
They are such adorable girls in both personality and cuteness!!! CCAA could not have done a better match for Mary-Mia and Rod!!! I only wish I could be with you guys to celebrate!!! I'll be eating Salsa and Chips in your honor!


Catherine said...

I know! Let's crash the party! I'll fly on over to your place then we'll make the rest of the jaunt together. Sound good?

Oh was fun it would be celebrate with these 2 little cuties! Can you say sugar high? And that will just be mommy and daddy!

M3 said...

Thank you my friend!!! Huge hugs from the wild and crazy party girls (who are in bed NOT sleeping right now). Wow what a day, what a day. I think it's safe to say they had the best birthday ever. Now I have to go sit down and moan a little -- I am BEAT. :-)