Saturday, August 23, 2008


  • While visiting the Salsa bunch, I also got to meet some wonderful Bloggy people. I had such a great time hanging with these gals and kids at Gilroy Gardens that I totally forgot to take out my camera and snap a few pictures. I got to meet some of the first blogs I read.... Donna and Lisa. Donna went PW but has since has . Lisa was always fun to read cause she is creative crafty and cute AND is the twin of Michelle, who I met on the 2007 Disn*yland trip. OH.MY.HECK. I got to meet a fellow LIDer keep the faith Kasey. I was riding a boat ride with the twins and Mary-Mia and looked up to see the radiant smile of Kasey. I swear, but that gal looks like Muriel Hemingw*y. Oh she also looks like my cousin Susan. As I talked to her about the same "stuff" that is my life right now, I felt like I was talking to family and a long lost friend.... WHERE WAS MY CAMERA???? I cannot wait to introduce Tate to Jennifer and all the other bloggie kiddos, when we are ALL finally HOME.

  • Mary-Mia's mom got me started on my first supplies for Bento fun. I did add to the stash and now in a plastic box waits molds, picks, and fun stuff to get Tate into the Bento fun.

  • I am so lame and LATE, but I wanted to congratulate all new parents, especially Aly and Ford. What an adorable baby Lizzie is!

  • I switched out Mesa's food last time I bought her dog food. I SLOWLY incorporated her new food to her old food. Throughout all of the forty lbs. of dog food Mesa had loose stools..... I started to worry that because she drinks and swims in questionable water, she just might have parasites or giardia. Since I have never established her with ONE vet, I decided to go to a new place that I would establish her at. Loved the place. One of the things I found out was that Mesa is now 98 lbs. In P*tsmart she always weighed 90-91 lbs and so I was shocked she weighed sooooo much! Needless to say, she is watching what she eats and tries to be more active. I guess the good thing is this also affects me and my amount of excersise. So glad the hot summer temperatures are cooling off making it more pleasant to go for long nice walks. She was negitive to any parasites, so I am blaming the new food for this loosage. She is now back to her old brand of food.

  • I have made a conscious decision NOT to be freakin' out about the lack of Hague accredition for my Adoption Agency. I have so many other things to think about and stuff that I can control that I feel I will just let the dust settle and see where all this lack of accreditation puts me. This is a just the way I CHOSE to roll. I would like to thank those who have emailed me sharing that they are in the same spot with the lack of accreditation. I thank you for sharing information of what their agencies are doing to handle these things. I have said in the past about my small agency's lack of knowledge and management, I know their heart is solid on helping me get Tate in my arms. With faith I move on.

  • I have been thinking how I will handle the blog when I travel to China. I really do not like navigating through the adoption sites when I follow traveling trips and really do not want to subject others to this. I have a ton of people who I would love to have follow along here locally but am not sure if I want to open myself up to my past thoughts that this blog contains. So I am thinking I will do a travel only blog and then start a new blog with the after life with Tate. I find it so hard to follow along when blogs go password, so this will not be something for me. Any thoughts of this?


Kayce said...

Bullets back at you girl!

* LOVED meeting up with you! You are such a positive inspiration and that right there is the BEST!! I keep telling my husband that if I'm not home one night it means I hopped a plane to go visit you! :)

* I've been looking for some bento box supplies, I'm needing some of those!

* We changed our pups food too recently. I think it's called Blue. Both the girls love it, more than any other food we've ever bought.

* We haven't been freaking out on the Huage thing either. I can't.

Okay I've written too much! Glad you're well....HUGS friend!!!

Ginny said...

Hey, thanks so much for the apples. Besides the wonderful toppings they are some really good apples! It wasn't necessary really but we are loving them.

And, would love some direction on the bento things. I've been watching them and wondering if it was possible to do on a super tight schedule.

I don't have access to my email this weekend but I wanted to acknowledge recipt of the apples and our thanks.

amy said...

I love bullets!!!

YOu have been busy having a good time. I love meeting blogging friends!

Joannah said...

Thanks for the bullets - they were easy to read for my groggy eyes this morning.

I hate it when people go PWP. I know people want their privacy and I totally respect that. But once I cannot keep up with new posts via bloglines, I just don't have time to sign in and all that. My blogging thrives on bloglines!

Have a happy Sunday, friend!

Gracencameronsmomy said...

was so fun to meet you! ANd you tell Mesa that she looks beautiful just the way she is:)

a Tonggu Momma said...

Hey there - what a great attitude you have!

As to the website thing... if you have an e-mail address that is NOT free, you might have some web space built into the package you purchased for your e-mail. You may want to investigate this. We didn't know we had the option until the Husband discovered it.

We have a family trip website (with actual face shots and our real names - gasp!) that we shared with family and friends. The blog is anonymous because it shares so much more information about our daily lives. We keep the two completely separate.

We created the trip website using our Verizon account. We had a friend create the html for a simple table that we could insert text and photos into. Within three days, we figured out how to create links and new pages, etc. It was surprisingly easy.

Alyson & Ford said...

Loved your updates - bullets are fine with us!!
And a huge thank you for your congrats to us. We are still in heaven! We are ready to get on that plane!! Once you see your daughter's photo it is time to get her out of the orphanage and into your family!
Here's to a speedy referral - maybe by December?

LID 01/27/06
DOR 08/12/08