Friday, March 20, 2009


My sister Kelly, is one amazing party giver. She is famous in her Florida neighborhood as "the one to give the best parties". She truly lived up to her reputation for sure!
The table before anyone sat down and touched a thing....

How each place settling looked up close.

This is one of the center pieces. There was a lot of thought put into this from one of my adult nieces, Cute Stuff. She placed the branches in a square in the middle of a round table to represet the coins.

After I got home I decided that I wanted to show the loving details.

As party favors each place setting had one of these lady bug boxes with hand dipped by my dad chocolate fortune cookies and chopsticks. My sister made this darling chopstick holders so each guest could have their very own chopsticks to go.

At each place were these hand made place cards. Story has it that when Cute Stuff and Kelly were making these at my mom's house, there were a lot of tears happening around the work table. How touching it was that I was the MOM on this card and on the back was Tate (above).We were asked to find our place card and sit down. I just could not find my name (Lisa) anywhere and asked my sister where I was to sit. She took me over to the spot that said MOM and said that this MOM was ME!!! Heck, I about got teary too.

My sister's daughter Amanda (not her pet name) was in Florida and could not make it for this shower. She wanted to be a part of the shower and made like a hundred of these lady bugs. She also was the one to find the Chinese restaurant via the "net". She was not there in body but most definitly there in ladybug spirit!