Friday, March 20, 2009


Just typing this brings huge tears to my eyes. I was blown away by the thoughtfulness and love that was put into this shower for me. My sister Kelly, is a full-time college student, a mom, wife and works. The time she took away from her home on a spring break from the USF was more than any gift she could have given me. On top of the time, she put so much thought and details into throwing me the most lovely shower. EACH.AND.EVERY. thing she did was done in love.

My only regret was that I did not get a picture of myself with her at this shower.

On the menu was Egg drop soup, cream cheese wontons, beef broccoli, lemon chicken, chicken cashew, ham fried rice, sweet and sour pork and cake.

Here are the cousins.... and cousin-in-laws. Also my Aunt and Mom were able to attend.

Just look how gorgeous the walls are. Here you have Twinkle Toes in the green and CIL Norma.

Cousins Dora holding her Granddaughter Sunny, Julie and daughter Gracie. Julie was 9 plus months pregnant and gave birth to a girl Sonja Kate on my birthday March 17th! So cool.

My sweet SIL Michelle mother to my nieces Twinkle Toes (green) and Sparkle.

The only one who you have not been introduced to is my oldest niece Beautiful who is in the far left corner in the blue. I have special names for all my nieces and nephews and often call them these names in the real world not just blogland.

I am kind of bummed that I did not get very many pictures but I worried the restaurant was too dark for great picture taking.