Tuesday, September 30, 2008


(I have been working on these bullets for days now, sorry it is so long and dated on the wrong day)

  • They're back!!!! PEEPS.... enough said!
  • I am tempted to do a weekly post on Wednesday and call it "Wide Awake Wednesday" things that are keeping Lisa awake. However, it is not Wednesday and one of the things keeping me awake at night has been resolved. Okay, sometimes it is a bite being single. Traveling to China is one of them. Relief has been given to me in the form of my amazing brother, John. I have been so worried shouldering the burden of being a new momma, maybe having a sick baby, feeling the responsibility for my 74 (at time of travel) mom to remain healthy and needing some muscle power to get around. Now I will have someone who will carry stuff, heavy bulky stuff... Hey I will be busy carrying Tate and let's face it, as amazing as my mom is, 74 year old muscles can't really haul a whole lot of "stuff". Then there is the all important technology aspect. As this long wait continues, there has been new technology available to us.... Skype and portable Internet service. Let's talk pictures here.... The most important pictures will be the Gotcha/Family Day pictures. I am counting on John to capture the moment. So traveling for Tate will be me, Tate's Nana and my brother and sister-in-law Michelle. And the cherry on top of all this is ... John and Michelle are my chosen guardians for my little TATE.
  • "Digging for buried treasure". I have been using that expression trying to entice Smiley (nephew) to come with his "teenage muscles and energy" to pull up the carpet and see what lies beneath. Since this house was built in 1915, I knew there would be hardwoods underneath, but the quality and condition was kind of scary until seen. Happily, underneath is "TIGER WOOD" oak 2 1/2 inch wide planks. There is some wear and tear, but nothing a professional (I am not even going to attempt this) can't bring back to it's glowing beauty. I will be adding hardwood (trying to match) thru the kitchen, hallway, sun room and down the stairs to the basement. Of course this is all in preparation for the arrival of little Miss Tate.

  • The "baby moon" to Paris is quickly approaching. I remember when I committed to this trip back in March I was worried I would either be traveling for Tate or just home (wishful) or waiting for her referral. Sadly, this is not the case. This will be the last trip I will be able to sit in first class internationally before I fly for Tate. The airline does not let an employee fly in first with a child less than 8 yr old. Since I am assuming Tate will younger than 8 yrs old, it will be the last for a few years. If anyone has suggestions for Paris, please email me or leave comment.
  • I have been seeing adorable bracelets on some of the little ladies and wonder where people are getting them..... Abbey, Rose and Marie, are a few that come to mind. I need to know where I should get Tate's bracelet?
  • FACEBOOK .... just do not "get it". Can someone enlighten me to what is so grand about this?
  • Oh.My.Heck.......SECRET LIFE OF BEES.... the movie is coming out soon! Oh man, how I loved that book! I hope the flick will not disappoint.
  • I am reading Silent Tears right now. I agree it is a must read for those who are affected by China adoption. When I get done, I hope to do a review.
  • My little street in the city of "yuppies/dinks" (are these actually used terms anymore?) have been adding babies! This is good news because one of my real concerns (just might make my "Wide Awake Wednesday" post) is the lack of other kids for Tate to play with. I want Tate to have the neighborhood where she can run around and play kick the can, hide and go seek and bike with other kids. One such family just had a baby girl "Charlotte". I decided to bring in a meal. It is finally a rainy cooler fall day so I decided to make some comfort cooking. On the menu is creamy chicken noodle soup and homemade bread. I am not a bread baker, so thanks to frozen Rhodes bread loaf, hot and homemade is what it will be. Since her name is "Charlotte" I am going to attempt to make a pear Charlotte with our local Utah pears.


M3 said...

I don't get Facebook either!! I must be too old or unhip or something, because I know hordes of people think it is just THE thing.

Rose and Marie's bracelets were a gift from a friend and she got them from Amazon.com. They were something like these but I can't remember exactly.

Laurie said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. :-) I think Wide Awake Wednesday is a great idea - bet lots of us could join in!

As for Paris...eat crepes. If you are at all into chocolate, I highly recommend chocolate and banana. Just amazing (I had mine in the food court at the bottom of the Louvre, but you can get them all over!)

OziMum said...

I'm with you on the FB!!! It has connected me with some people I grew up with and haven't seen forever - we said HI, and did the catch conversation - and I haven't heard anything since!

Like your Wide Awake Wednesday!

Joannah said...

I don't get FB either! I much prefer blogging. I think FB is the blog-type thing for non-writers, or something.

I'm glad you've got some muscle going with you to China. That should be a huge help.

Ah, Paris...

I stayed in the 7th near Rue Cler. I loved that neighborhood. Lots of good restaurants and markets, and the Eiffel Tower was just around the corner as was the Metro. One of our favorite restaurants was called Les Terrace (I think that's the name). Great food. Actually, I didn't have a bad meal there. We liked the evening cruise down the Senne - great way to see Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower lit up at night. Gosh, girl! You can't go wrong in Paris. You're going to have a great time. I am SO jealous!!!

PIPO said...

No Facebook here either.

Love that you have some help on the China trip. That will be fantastic for sure.

First class? Clueless there too...sorry bout that. I would be happy to fly to Paris even if I had to be stuck in the latrine for the flight ;0)

Kiddos on the street sounds like good news. I love that my neighborhood is having a wabe of little ones too.

LiLi said...

I don't understand Facebook -but hey- I didn't understand blogging either until becoming a SWACKer:)

Kids on the block is good but- I am convinced play dates can happen with anyone/anywhere. Daria and Shanna have never gone to their neighborhood school (Daria does now) and have friends all over town. It's just how it rolls and actually - it's fun! Tate will have friends not only on the block but also all over because of SWAC & all your other friends.

laurel said...

I signed up for FB to see what this girl looked like that my nephew was set up with. Since then I have had a few people I know invite me to be their friends. I have spent the weekend trying to figure that out. It looks like a lot of fun!!!!! Glad you are getting some babies in your neighbor hood.

Anonymous said...

awesome that your brother is going with you!
Facebook - it has reconnected me with some friends I haven't seen in 20 years - that is the greatness of it.
I can not wait for Secret Life of Bees to come out!

Anonymous said...

I try to understand Facebook, but I can't. I have decided to just read the updates and forgo the pokes and gifts and such. It's way too complicated for me!

How exciting to have wood floors. I bet they will be beautiful!!

Secret Life of Bees was an amazing book. I am looking forward to the movie!

Enjoy Paris! My brother has lived there for years and I have yet to go see him. That is the only thing I know. :)

Kayce said...

So cool about the great help for your trip! I too have been wondering who's gonna hold the camera for us. ;)

I'm looking forward to Wide Awake Wednesday...

Yeah for the kidos in the neighborhood!

Circe said...

I love the bullets. Hey, my parents just got back form Paris and are going again in Dec. I lived there briefly as a teen And love to go back. Boy, do I have suggestions! The Greek neighborhood in St Michel, right by Notre Dame is great for gyros and bookstores...Walk along Rue du Rivoli behind the Louvre for tourist shopping...enter the Louvre from the underground shopping area, because there's always a line to get in through the pyramid...the Musee d'Orsay is better than the Louvre because it's smaller, brighter and less crowded, and that's where the Impressionists are...du pareil au meme is the cutest kids' store anywhere. I think there are several locations, one is right by Galleries Lafayette and Printemps. You will spend a fortune there buying clothes for Tate, but it's reasonably priced, too. We have a boiled-wool jacket from there that all our kids have worn. You'll fall in love! Anyway...I'm a little nostalgic for Paris. Just make sure you sit in the same sidewalk cafe early every morning, with your cappuccino and pain au chocolate, watching the city come to life. That's the best way to get to know a place, right? It sounds like you've done a lot of traveling, so all of this might be redundant. But have fun!

Shannon said...

What a wonderful line up to meet Tate!
You are awesome and clever for bringing Charlotte's fam some dinner/dessert!
Can't wait for your Pairee posts! First class-oooh la la! So cool! Plus Tate's gonna keep you on your toes for the rest of your life. A Babymoon is perfect! FB is quick and easy and it fools you into thinking you're back to being good friends with long lost friends. =)