Monday, September 01, 2008


If rumors are correct.... The CC*A has referred babies for families who have been waiting since Feb 9, 2006. If this shining tidbit of information is correct, it would mean that there will be only 26 more LID calendar days until I will be freaking out waiting to seeing my sweet Tate's face. I am beyond excited how quickly CC*A could possibly burn through these 26 days. Frighteningly though if the CC*A only refers a few days per month, then the 26 days will seem like an eternity.

I have had a few friends who know me, guess at the age Tate will be at referral..... Also in this guessing game is the month I will be traveling. So far the consensus has been Tate will be 18-24 months..... Mary Mia thinks she will be from Jiangxi province..... Tiffany thinks I will be traveling in February 2009. All seems reasonable. If I get the gumption to get it together in the next few months, I will do a voting on when, where, how old.

All I know for certain is ....

Fingerprints expires .......October 30 2008.

I171 H expires ...... March 4 2009.

I am okay with the finger prints re-do-ness. I just want to be back from China by March 4 2009. Will this happen with only 26 days between me and my gal? Twenty six maybe quick breezy days.... TWENTY-SIX slow as molasses days.
This uncertainty is merciless.


OziMum said...

I really really hope the rumours are true! 26 days, hey?!! How exciting! Miracles could happen, and 9 (or even 10?!) days could become the new allocation number each month?!!

I'm guessing Tate will be 15 months. And from Guangdong.

Stacey said...

I'm so excited for you!!! Waiting is horrible.

I'm guessing 17 months from Guangdong. (Both my girls are from Guangdong.)

Muriel and her Mom said...

I think Tate will shock the crowd and be 10 months old at referral!


Hope you had a good visit with Miss Tess!

PIPO said...

I feel ya!

I am guessing 20 month Guangdong gal in your future.

Kramer said...

I am starting to really feel the excitement for you! I think Tate is going to be 17 months old. Hang in there! Let's start praying now for a HUGE batch for next month!

Momma and ZZ said...

pulling with you that it will be sooner rather than later
26 days is sounding very good. It's got to speed up now

Donna said...

That would be so fabulous! I don't want to take a guess at when you'll travel, but rest assured, I have my fingers crossed that you'll be back before March!

I think Tate will be 11 months old and will be a Hunan gal!

Ava's family said...

I also think Tate is going to be younger than expected.....9 months.
I'm going with Guangdong.

I couldn't even sleep last night....This is getting so real now!!! OMG!!!!!

laurel said...

I am so excited!!! My friend got her referral today. You are so close I can taste it!

Jenn said...

I'm going to pipe in here and guess 13 months from Hunan-because I know you could handle a 'spicy girl.'

Kayce said...

26 days ahead is just around the corner! As for my guesses....19 months and be as Hunan sweetie!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for visiting my blog.....Oh are so close...I am excited for you....this wait has been pretty painful!!

Let's hope 9-10 days is the new minimum....

I will be checking back soon!


Tana said...

I say:
January travel
13 months at referral

Briana's Mom said...

Wow - it is getting so close for you! I am going to guess Feb travel, 10 month old girl from Chongqing!

Alyson & Ford said...

It has been slower than molasses running uphill in the wintertime in Maine!!!!
I am so glad you are so, so, so positive and excited! We are thrilled for you. Hoping for early 2009!!

LID 01/27/06
DOR 08/12/08
TA 08/29/08
Travel 09/11/08!!!

Eliza2006 said...

I think she'll be 30 months old (close to Eliza's age!) from Jiangxi, travel in Feb.

Circe said...

I'm sure you don't even care HOW old she is or where she comes from, I just want her to be in your arms ASAP! I'm guessing she'll be a tiny, spicy girl from Hunan, just like Xanthe. I'm so excited to think that adoptions have picked up!

Anonymous said...

You'll make it! There is no other option - Tate will be home by March 4! Power of positive thinking- how about that?

Given recent referrals- I think she'll be young- 9 or 10 months.


Catherine said...

Oh're so very, very close!! Counting down the months and almost on one hand or even down to one hand! WAHOO!!!

I'm guessing you'll receive your referral in January and she'll be 16 months.

Wheee....we're almost there!!!!

NoahandMaddysMom said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog the other day. I know that you are as excited as we are that March 2006 LID should finally be getting some good news soon.

Here's my guess....Tate will be 10 months (you should get to celebrate Birthday # 1 together after this long wait!!!) and from Hunan!!!

Susie said...

I hoping everything works out for you. You so deserve it. You're going to be one awesome mama to your Tate. She is a reality!!!