Friday, February 24, 2006


Everyone has a nose.... Some large, some small, some bony and some fleshy!!! I have a nose that while growing up would get lots of attention… It is called a ski jumper nose, and the envy of all girls in my neighborhood ….

Cute, yes, but it is also a challenged nose… ALLERGIES!!! For years of my young life I would take a spoon full of this blue liquid Antihistamine twice a day … During one period of my life I would go monthly to the Doctor’s office to have shots UP INSIDE OF MY NOSE…. And still my nose runs non-stop….
{{{Sniff, sniff}}}

YES, it is a CUTE NOSE but it is also a cursed nose….. SENSITIVE!!! I will smell a hint of garlic in the air and can smell out a backyard B-B-Q from miles around…. I will be the first to smell an offensive odor (no silent sneakers get by me). Highly sensitive Olfactory nerves…. So why is it that I am plagued by the people who sit by me... you know the ones who drown themselves in toxic perfume and aftershave or forget to wear deodorant??? {{{puke}}}

YES.....yes …. I know I have a cute nose.

This writing was prompted by the beginning of my allergy season.... HA...HA CHEW!!! ((((SNIFF SNIFF))))

Chinese Ancient Proverb:
If your nose runs and your feet smell, you are built upside down.


Recovering Wino said...

What? No picture?

Cindy said...

LOL You poor thing.....

Colleen said...

I was waiting for a photo!!!!Oh least your nose is "cute". I have the ski HUMP in the middle of mine...very evident in the photos on my blog..UGH!

Anonymous said...

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