Monday, July 31, 2006


I have got so much to share with blogville right now!!!

BLOGGER S--ks... Will not let me post pictures!!!!

I have pictures of my February Secret Pal gift(s) but cannot get it to work.... I still have not gotten on and figured out the tools bar and to delete the cookies like Stephe suggested....I need to do this or even load onto one of the online photo services.... This all takes time for me to figure out which I am kind of lacking right now... Instead I complain about it....Somehow this just makes me feel just a little better....

1- February Secret Pal gifts once again has blown me away...

2- Got an early (5:30am) morning call from Amy of Ruby in Her Own Time this morning. Usually this would have erked me.... But it was so fun to chat with her and get all the fill in the blanks information that I have been wondering about while reading her blog.... I got to hear Ruby babble and play and she even said "HI" and wished me "G'night" since I was heading back to sleep a few hours later..... TOO CUTE!!! I will say that Amy talked about NUTELLA and toast and TEA..... So what did I dream about during my back to sleep dreams??? NUTELLA.... A few hours of sleep later, I loaded Mesa in the car and headed to the store for bread and NUTELLA.... Good stuff I really must say!!! I have had it before when I was in Europe and the Continential Breakfast and all.... Oh, I hope to heading to Beantown for a day or two to visit Amy and Ruby on my way to or from Norway in September..... One of the amazing parts of my life right now..... FREE TRAVEL!!!!

3- I have done the Referral Baking... got ready to post last Friday and realized that I took pictures of the treats, gave away and ate the treats but forgot to download to my pictures and deleted the pictures on the camera..... As we speak I am re-baking these yummms and will take pictures again.... Lucky BlOGGERS that are visiting me this FRIDAY.... guess what we will be eating???? I am so looking forward to visiting you guys!!!

Like I said.... I have got STUFF TO SHARE.... consider I shared. But FSP gifts and referral baking will happen when BLOGGER will let me post pictures!!!!


Lisa~~ said...

Nutella on a toasted croissant is orgasmic!!

Stacy said...

I am going to have to find some of that Nutella. Several bloggers have commented about it, now I am curious.

Sounds good!

Kim said...

Hi from Germany! Never had heard of Nutella until we got here - great stuff on a bagel! It's almost like a big chocolate doughnut :)