Thursday, December 15, 2005


I am in need of a major pamper session. I need the whole nine yards from head to toe…

~Why pedicure only in SUMMER???? This is being shouted out from my shoes….
~Skin is screaming….exfoliate me!!!! Hmmmmmmm….a little salt rub???
~And the muscles… OH MY ACHING SHOULDERS!!!!! Too many hours working in stressful situations!!!!! Knots up and down from neck to tail bone…
~Is that a forest growing above my eyes???? No- just my eyebrows in need of some pruning!!!!
~As for the mane on top of my hair….Lady Godiva like….CUT IT!!!!!!

Next week *I* will feel like a new woman---appointments have been made…….


Anonymous said...

I need to join in on the fun!!!!

Eliza2006 said...

Go Lisa!!! We must pamper ourselves while we can still afford it! :)


Julie said...

I was doing pedicures every 6 weeks at the same time as my hair, but I had to drop my stylist and go to a different one, so I haven't had a pedicure, and my feet are bad! I have to find a way to go to my old pedicure person, who is awesome, when my old hair stylist isn't there. I absolutely love this time, nothing like having your feet rubbed!