Sunday, December 18, 2005


I am now the proud owner of one KICK-BUTT amazing digital camera!!!! Now my blog will be full of amazing and creative pics just like AMY and Ruby Cate's...Unfortunately my pics will not be of an adorable gal, but well...NO promises until I can figure out how to use this camera and learn how to upload onto this BLOG...... OH TO DREAM!!!!!


Ruby Cate said...

Listen woman, if I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN TOO!!! I don't even know how I graduated HIGH SCHOOL but somehow I managed... And College? Six weeks of that shit & I was OUTTA THERE, hated it & never looked back. AND I CAN STILL MANAGE TO TAKE TONS OF PICS & UPLOAD THEM TO MY BLOG! =) Hell, even my DOG COULD DO IT I'M SURE, I've just never asked him to give it a shot! =) So don't worry & START SNAPPIN THOSE PICTURES! And remember, I didn't always have this cutie pie to take pics of, until then I was snappin pics of anything that would stay still long enough for me to get the shot! My dog, my family & friends, Ruby's room, etc... Go nuts, take pictures and HAVE FUN WITH IT! =)

I'll be reading EVERY DAY so DON'T DISSAPPOINT ME! k? ;)

-Amy (& one very tired, seriously zonked out Ruby Cate)

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Alrighty, I'm thinking the dog is your first subject. Here doggie.... here doggie... Will it be just cute poses or torture with Christmas costumes? Either way will be fun for us -- so snap away! ;-)

Anonymous said...

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