Monday, December 19, 2005


I just got off the phone with Amy from Ruby in Her Own Time and promised I would post pictures and one with me so you all will know who I am .... I am working on it ....I promise SOON!!!! Should it be a GLAMOUR SHOT (???) or the way I look at any given time in a ponytail and sweats... Since I am not the GLAMOUR SHOTS kind of gal I will present myself in all my "NATURAL" glory.... minus the sweats I think....


Ruby Cate said...

Au'Natural is the way to go, hell I post pics of me on my blog & I look like something the cat dragged in and so far nobody's complained ONCE! (AND IT BETTER STAY THAT WAY PEOPLE!) hehehe I'm ALWAYS CUTE with or WITHOUT makeup. ;)


-Amy & one very sound asleep little eggroll also known as Ruby Cate. =)

Shannon said...

when you say All Natural, you don't mean NAKED, right? Cause i'm all about no make up and sweats and pony tail, but i will have to stop reading you if your naked. LOL I must draw the line somewhere!!

Ruby Cate said...

LMFAO SHANNON!!!!!!!!!! No, I didn't mean NEKKID! I don't do those things anymore, that's what my 20's were for LOL! I'm 33 and a MOTHER now, I think the only time I'm nekkid around here is when I'm in the shower & even that is questionable because there have been the days where I find myself under the spray & look down only to see my SOCKS STILL ON! Perhaps it comes with motherhood, that your brain only HALF functions! (the kid half, the adult half took a permanent vacation from JACK'S BIG MUSIC SHOW EPPISODES OVER AND OVER AND OVER!) and really, can you blame my adult half? LOL If I had to guess I'd say my adult half is on a beach in the Cayman Islands relaxing in the sun... This grown up KID that's left is the happiest mom to the most beautiful little RUBY CATE ever! So, the hell with my adult half for abandoning me, ENJOY THE SUN BIOTCH, HOPE YOU GET BURNED! ;)

I'd rather be here acting silly 24/7 with my amazing daughter. =) And NEVER NEKKID!

But thanks Shannon for the laugh this morning, I nearly snarfed my tea straight out my nose! LOL

-Amy & Ruby Cate

Anonymous said...

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