Sunday, December 11, 2005


On a small farm on the East Coast of Norway, seventy-one years ago, my beautiful MOM was born. No fancy hospitals or equipped nurseries for her. My Mom has survived the occupation of Hitler's army, immigration to a new country, learning a new language and raising a family of four kids. Throughout all of this she has remained true to herself and her beliefs in charity and love. She has been a great example to me. Now as I am on the path of motherhood, I hope that I can be the kind of example to my daughter Tate that my mom has been to me. It just breaks my heart that Tate will not get to spend the rest of her life knowing and loving her sweet NANA. Live healthy and long MOM....We need you to stay in our lives.
(now if I could figure how to post a picture I would...)

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Eliza2006 said...

LOVE the blog! Happy birthday to your mom.