Sunday, April 02, 2006


The Facts….
My DTC was in the hands of the Chinese Facilitator Jan 27. The day that I thought I would be DTC….. JANUARY!!!!! But was “batched” with other Dossiers and was DTC on Feb 3…… REPEAT FEBRUARY!!!!! What happens if the CCAA actually starts referring babies for FULL months???? This holding of my DTC just made me wait one more month for Tate….ONE FREAKIN MONTH LONGER!!!! So I am going along, patiently waiting for the illustrious LID… I keep consoling myself by saying that by me knowing the LID will not change when I get my referral…..

In February end when I ask my Chinese Coordinator when my LID will be known, she tells me that it will come out with the March referrals. We did not have any referral for the February batch. I am totally looking forward to March referrals since my agency will have some referrals.….. NO WORD!!! It is a freaking TWO MONTHS since my DTC. Finally I get an email answer….. I will have to wait until the TA will be sent. In another freaking three weeks!!!! That would put me a FREAKIN' three months since my DTC!!!

What can I do at this point???? Is there someway that I can find my LID based on my brown envelope number???? Can I demand my agency to call???? I guess this is the price I pay when I am working with a small agency…… Any advise what else I can do???? Someone hand me some PROZAC!!!!!


Shannon said...

I don't think there is anything you can do. My agency flat out refused to call and find out. I think I waited 3 months until I found out my actual LID too. Before then it was an "estimate". First 1 month after I was DTC, then 14 days, and I ended up only 8 days after DTC. If you need estimate, I would guess 10 days after you were DTC. So Feb 13/14. Does that help any? You should put up a poll, and have all of us to guess. It would distract you for a little while! I send you a hug while you wait!

Donna & Joe said...

If someone is handing out Prozac, I'll take some too!! It will be 3 months on 4/13 since our DTC so I can totally relate!!

Since my agency didn't get any referrals in the March batch, they didn't get my LID. They don't contact the CCAA looking for LID's, they just wait for the CCAA to send them out. My agency says they don't want to make any waves.

Lisa, the only thing that makes me feel a tiny bit better is that there are other people in our Precious Pandas group who don't have their LID at least we know we're not alone. It sure would be nice though, to know that our dossier is "officially" logged in!

Hang in there!
Donna :)

Lisa & Jeff said...

I'm so sorry Lisa. I HAVE seen a lot of 2/3 DTC's get a LID of 2/28.
You may not have to wait an extra month after all. I really don't understand why some people find out their LID's so quickly. I saw
someone on the FEB DTC group that received a LID 5 day's after DTC!.....I JUST don't get it!! Try to hang in there. I'm alway's so worried not to "bother" my agency however, I think I'd ask them whey some "late" March DTC's already know their LID's. Take care.

Recovering Wino said...

I understand your frustration, but your dossier is there and is being processed. It's just the smaller agency issue and the fact that they receive less news from the CCAA. It doesn't mean that it will delay your referral, or anything of that nature. Take a deep breath. Your baby is coming.

Shannon S said...

We need a Prozac party! My agency doesn't even GIVE LID's!!! EVER!!!
Plus, I don't have my brown envelope yet,either....where is that disappointment cookie recipe?!!

Shelli said...

I know it is disappointing! You probably have already been logged in about a month. Fingers crossed! When you find out - you could very well have 2 months under your belt! WHO HOO!!! That sounds damn good!