Tuesday, January 24, 2006


This December I was in the back of my house and heard this bam, bam, and BAMMMM!!!!! Something hit my house which made the dog shoot back to where I was sitting (reading a Blog I am sure). I ran out front to see what had happen, only to see Fong in her car which had hit the front of the house. I guess she was backing out and didn't see a car on the street that she hit once, got startled and tried to go forward but hit again then got the car in DRIVE and gassed it trying to get back in her driveway. Due to the speed she was going, she lost control and hit into my house. Luckily she was not hurt, just a little SHOOK-UP. The thing is that once the first hit happened with the car on the street, another neighbor looked out her window and saw it happening and called 911. She was not aware that it was Fong and just thought that someone rammed into the car because they were mad at the owner of the car. This 911 call generated two police cars, one fire engine, one ambulance and THE HELICOPTER FROM THE LOCAL NEWS STATION which hovered above this whole seen. TOO FUNNY!!! Needless to say that this whole emergency scene was a total overkill with no harm done but one car, my house (ouch) and an unhurt shocked Fong. Bless her heart!!!!

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Shannon said...

WOW... I'm glad Fong was ok. And your house. What a weird thing to happen! I wouldn't be right for awhile if I hit a house just trying to leave my own front yard!