Friday, January 27, 2006


I have a COLD.... A bad cold!!!!! A got to get the drugs in every 4 hours or I am miserable kind of COLD!!!!!!!! So I am thinking, A LOT!!!!

What will I do with Tate when I am this sick???? Venture out in the cold in a drugged induced state of mind to get her to her day care???? Call MOM??? Deal with it by entertaining her with TV and videos while I lay in my bed??? This is a major issue to us singles who do not have a spouse to pitch in and help with the care of our babes. So I started thinking of my support system and how I can have a game plan just in case this happen when I have Tate.... I have very supportive of family.... Mom, Dad and Sister-in-Law. I have friends who say they are willing to help out.... but no one lives real close to me..... Do I move closer to family???? Make connections to my neighbors???? Whew.... I need to take more Dayquil and think more on it.... Anyone have suggestions????

In my state of sickness I am neglecting Mesa, the dog.... She did not get her ususal play in the Dog Park when I am home from work outing today.... I am sick plus it is SNOWING!!! So in my creative got to take care of my loved ones mentality, I put her in the backyard of one of her puppy friends, Turbo, for a little romp and fun. WET DOG!!!! I take a towel and rub her semi-dry with her tail wagging the whole time and then head back to bed..... Thirty minutes later Mesa heads out the doggie door and out into the snow for just enough time to require a rub-down again..... MORE TAIL WAGGING!!!!!!!!... Back in bed.... ONCE AGAIN Mesa heads outside gets wet and requires another rub-down.....MORE TAIL WAGGING..... Hmmmmmmm.... I get out of bed to shut the dog door to a very disappointed puppy stare.

What to eat???? Can't really taste a thing!!!!!! Good you might think...lose a few pounds while being sick!!!!!!!!! But my stomach is hungry and the Dayquil just is not satisfying!!!! Hmmmm.... Something spicy??? So I scramble eggs and add Tabasco sauce.... I can't taste the eggs but boy did that Tabasco sauce open my sinuses!!!!!! I can breathe!!!!!!!!


Joannah said...

Lisa, I'm sorry that you're not feeling well. It's tough being sick on your own. Chicken and vegetable soups were my comfort when I was sick a few weeks ago. I'm also sorry to hear about your cousin, and I hope he's found safe and sound very soon.

Eliza2006 said...


Here's what you will do when Tate is home and you are sick:
1) Dial my phone number.
2) wait for your doorbell to ring.
3) Give Tate a kiss as she leaves the house to have a play date with Eliza!


Cindy said...

We usually curl up in bed and have chick flick day while we do things like paint our nails (may as well while you can't smell it) and order pizza. If Tate's still too small for that close off a safe area in the living room and hit the floor to play around. The worst I ever got with Smooch I had to hire a sitter from a service to come in and help for two days (Dad was driving a truck at the time and couldn't come straight home- family was in another state)It made me realize the importance of friends that live near by if not next door. And also make really good friends with at least one daycare teacher that could possibly pick her up on the way to work if push comes to shove.

Cindy said...

PS Hot tea and chicken soup downloading to you as we speak in case you still need it. AM sickness has me behind on my

Anonymous said...

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