Saturday, January 14, 2006


Today as I move last year’s most important calendar information into the future year’s calendar, I cannot help reflect what has transpired the last year and ponder on the wonders of the up coming year.

As I scan each month for important birthdays I hit upon the milestones of my adoption. First it is the unsure decision to adopt in February, the decision made with an application in May. Then the amazing day on July 11 when I get the SHOCKER call from my agency that I have a single slot and could start the PAPERCHASE!!!! More milestone of a physical, series of home studies, background checks, fingerprinting, I-600A, I-171H…. and now in 2006 I am the proud owner of the BROWN ENVELOPE.

As each month passed and I recorded future events, I started to wonder where I will place Tate’s birthday? Is this the month that I will be writing got referral, travel approved (TA), leave for Beijing, Metcha day, back home??? SIGH…. Then the holidays and the joy of having Tate for these days (I am hopeful)…..

I am not alone…. Everyone can say they have these important dates and reflections of the past, the present and the future of this AMAZING JOURNEY to get our DAUGHTERS. This is what makes us an Adoption Community and FAMILY.


Susan said...

Hey its Susan... from SALDS. Just checked out your blog. It is fantastic. What an exciting time this is for you...the anticipation and preparing for the adventure of a lifetime. I got back from China a month ago with my little one and it has been the best month of my life...crazy, busy but so wonderful that sometimes I can't believe it is real!

I will be following along with your every step. I'm so excited for you!


Anonymous said...

Before I started this journey I had no idea what a blog was, but I discovered quickly this wonderful adoption community we have.

It's so great to share all these milestones along the way with people who actually get it!

Donna :)

Journey to Mia Lin said...

Congrats on your brown envelope!
I added you to my watch list... Have a look at mine if you want. We just sent our dossier to be authenticated.

Colleen said...

Hi! Just found your blog... (just when you think you've seen all the China adoption blogs). I have to comment on your beautiful dog!! We have an 11 year old Godlen - he's just the best.

Good luck on your journey. We were LID on 10/28..just waiting and waiting!


Anonymous said...

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