Saturday, January 07, 2006


Puppy buddies and Baking buddies!!!! Polly and Scout came for a visit!!! While Mesa entertained her 5 month old puppy bud, Scout....Lisa and Polly baked scones!!!! Now this is not the AMERICAN version of deep fried dough.... not for these two adventuresome gals.... This is the second and successful attempt of making the Breakfast Tea Scones of the Jolly Ole Brits... First attempt and the most delicious by far was the orange and cranberry scones. This day it was the Gingerbread with Pecans and an ever so slight hint of rum and maple glaze. Starbucks has nothing on us!!!!!!!

P.S. Someone get me some windex for the glass window.....Oh and someone come and clean that glass door....PRONTO!!!!!!!!!


Donna & Joe said...

What a cute photo! Lisa, can you e-mail me the recipe for the gingerbread scones? I was addicted to the Starbucks for awhile, but if I can make them myself that would be great!

Donna :)

Catherine said... more request for the recipes! :o)