Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Soooooo sad today!!! I was a little premature in ASSUMING that I was DTC on Jan 27 !!!! I had even announce to people that I AM DTC !!!!!!!!!!! I have a post with picture all planned and EVERYTHING!!! I had not heard OFFICIAL word back that I was indeed DTC Jan 27.... SO I EMAILED my agency ...... So sad, BAD NEWS. I guess that My Dossier is sitting in Canada waiting to be batched and sent out this Friday....... FEBRUARY 3!!!! "SO what is the big deal waiting another week?" some would ask.... One week puts me into FEBRUARY. I have joined January DTC group including the Secret Pal exchange.... I was so looking forward to being DTC with Donna, Holly and Stephe. I might just stay in that group and join the February group!!! Being part of two DTC groups and secret pal exchange just might be overkill but what else will I be doing while waiting???? Besides decorating the nursery, de-junking the kingdom, planning what to do about day care.... Hmmmmmmm, I just might not have time for two groups..... I am in a dilemma.....

SO SAD!!!!


Anonymous said...

Honey, I had to leave the Jan. DTC group. I'm now in the Feb group.
We will probably be DTC on the same day as YOU!

I've been such a rag lately, I haven't posted much. Trying not to sound too negative or bring anybody else down - hang in there!
We're with you!


Christi said...

I am so sorry!! Everyone says it all works out perfectly in the end, but I know that doesn't change how you feel right now. We will rejoice with you when you are DTC.

Shannon said...

That IS a bummer. I would join both groups, but only one gift exchange!! :-) Hang in there, only 2 more days left until you are DTC!!! WOOO HOO!!

Lisa~~ said...

I would stay in the Jan. group and also join the Feb. group because you never know, CCAA may end up matching the end of one month with the beginning of another and you could travel with Jan. people. I am part of 2 groups and participate in both swaps and am having a blast doing it.

Cindy said...

Oh god Honey, I am so sorry. What a disappointment. Feb. 3rd is my first Dr appointment so I will be thinking of you and wishing I could have just mailed stuff to him that day!!!! But hang in there, and heck join both groups...the more the merrier!!!

Eliza2006 said...


You never know what the CCAA will do as far as referrals...hey maybe they'll even start matching 2 months at a time. Hang in there.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa,

I know this is a disappointment, but for what it's worth, I'd much rather have a DTC date at the beginning of the month than the end. As you know, the CCAA sometimes splits months at odd places, and being DTC any time later than the 20th or so of a month puts you at greater risk of this happening (and that's the ultimate in disappointment.) With a DTC date of the third, there's a chance you'd get included with the earlier batch anyway, and at the very least, you can pretty well count on getting your referral with the rest of your Feb group.

Keep your chin up!


M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

I'm sorry Lisa!!! That's a bummer. But hey since none of have a clue what the CCAA is doing you might end up with the mid to end of Jan folks anyhow, so why not stick with both groups?

Personally I would only join one secret pal program, but that's because I STINK at the secret pal swap. I can barely handle one. Lisa S, on the other hand, is a world-class secret pal and could probably handle 6 or 7 with one hand tied behind her back. So it just depends how you feel about shopping, boxing, and mailing stuff. :-)

Donna & Joe said...


I hope you decide to stay in the January group with me and Stephe even if you decide to do one Secret Pal Exchange (although I think it would be fun to do two).

Like Lisa Shanahan said, you may be traveling with people DTC the end of January.

Keep your chin up and please let me know when you find out if you're DTC for sure on 2/3. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Donna :)

Ava Baby said...

That is disappointing. I had the same thing happen. My agency held onto my dossier for a week longer than necessary which ended up putting my LID 4 weeks later than if it had been sent out with the earlier batch. I do belong to two DTC groups and two gift exchanges. I think you'll find a lot of overlap in the groups. Hang in there.
LID 9/26 (should have been 8/31 but I'm not dwelling on this ;) )

Lee-Anne said...

Sounds like time for more cupcakes!!! And make it double icing!!!
I thought you'd beat us to it, with your 27/1 DTC, but we were DTC on 31/1... but I share in your dilemma, now I'm not sure whether I should be in the Jan or Feb group, coz our file won't be logged for at least another couple of weeks!
Who knows - if we're adopting from the same province, we might see you in China!!!! How freaky is that?!!! The Ozzie consulate is in Shanghai, not Guangzhou - so we won't be seeing you there.
My advice, take a deep hot bath, and eat lots of the those cupcakes, washed down with some hot chocolate, with marshmallows!!!

Lee-Anne said...

Forgot to say - love your banner - very cool!

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