Friday, January 20, 2006


WHEW!!!!!!! My last picture post really ruffled some feathers...I have to defend my friend here... She really has been a great friend... Her hesitation is because she worries so much that I will get hurt!!! She has been there for me for years through a relationship with my long term ex-boyfriend with a open ear and heart.... She knows how much having CHILDREN has meant to me..... She also is not SCHOOLED in the world of International Adoption and has her information from sensationalized stories from rumors, assumptions, and the media.... She now is enlightened that adopting from China is not a scam.... Her hesitation and negativity is because she is concerned for me and my tender heart. Also... She is the same age as me (48 yrs old) and is putting herself in my place where I am single and with a toddler.... Although her kids were born when she was in her mid to late thirties, her kids are more at an independent age and she just can't imagine having a baby and toddler to chase around at this age..... I loved that she gave me this picture!!!!!! It just affirms the love and the support she has for me and my adoption......


Cindy said...

We the uninformed, in order to disorder a not so perfect world must instantly jump to incorrect conclusions so we may retain our tenuous positions at the top of the A-1 jackass list!!! We are comfy here. Sorry.

Julia said...

I wish they all had happy endings with friends. My roommate for 4 years who was at one time my best friend gave me a baby shower for my first daughter to "save face", then never spoke to us again. I kept trying to get in touch with her and sent Christmas cards, but it was beyond her understanding how I could adopt (not once but TWICE) as a single parent AND add a child of a different race to my family. I had no idea her views on race until after all this came about, it was a complete shock. I haven't spoken to her in over 4 years. Her loss.

Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful story Lisa!

My best friend's reaction was the same, when I told her. She is raising a grandchild unexpectedly..she has her own experiences, that she just can't understand mine.
I was hurt, but yet rationally - she just doesn't get it, either.

Live and let live.


PS - Picture coming this weekend
I don't take dares lightly!

Lee-Anne said...

She wouldn't be a very good friend if she wasn't worried for you, right?! She sounds awesome, and a great friend to have round, when you bring home little Tate!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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