Sunday, January 08, 2006


Documents are ready to send out with the Fed Ex-ers tomorrow bright and early. Hmmmmm.... Well, when I wake up and get ready.

~Letter of application to request adoption to Chinese Government....Humbly and respectfully written.
~Letter of Single Heterosexual and proof..... How do you prove something like that???
~Certification of Good Health from MD..... who I have learned to hate since it took her 2 1/2 months to get this done thus stalling my DTC by at least 2 months.....Hate daggers going her way!!!! Yahhhhhh!!!!
~Certification of Employment, Salary, Financial Statement ..... real shocker... Is that really my "WORTH"???- Yikes!!!!!!!
~Criminal Background checks, both local and FBI....Fingerprints and the COVETED I-171H..... Jumping through the HOOPS!!! PRICELESS..
~ Letter of Guardianship.....the easiest to do- thanks John and Michelle- love ya!!! Hmmmm... did I mention that this goes for Tate as well as MESA... 90 lbs of Snuggle Lovin' dog? Surprise.
~All Notarized, State Certified, and off to Washington DC for the rest....
~And Pictures of house, me, copy of passport, and my 2 x 2 photo of me as a Blond Asian woman.... Ha ha

GOOD BYE 6 MONTHS LABOR OF LOVE.... Hopes and prayers go with you on this journey of a lifetime....


Christi said...

Ta da!! You did it! Congratulations. Your finished documents are a thing of beauty and your finished task is a reason for celebration. Your blog is great too!

Donna & Joe said...

Excellent, looks like you are definitly ready to go! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow hoping that your Fedex is on it's way to your agency.

Donna :)

PS...I like your blond haired Asian passport photo ;)

Lee-Anne said...

Hey Lisa! Found your blog via a comment left on mine (thanks!) Was wonderin if you're a (brave!) single Mummy!!! How awesome that you've finished your file!!! We just finished ours on 19 Dec 2005. It'll probably be another month before the Aust govt get around to sending to China though. Cracked up when I read you have to prove your 'single hetrosexual'... what are they looking for? How can you prove that?!!! What a scream!!! Best of luck with the rest of your process...who knows - we may be in China at the same time!!!

Em said...

Congratualations on finishing your documents! I wish all the best for adopting your daughter, hopefully the blonde asian photo will work!


Cindy said...

SWEETTT!!!! Congratulations!!! All our hopes and prayers are with you!!
PS your earlier post about fear of sending papers sounds a lot like the fear of looking at the stick on the bathroom counter. Perfectly normal pre-parenthood jitters. You are right on schedule for this stage of Mommyhood development. No worries Lisa, it was meant to be.

Sandy said...

Way to go Lisa - your DTC date is just around the corner! BTW - I loved the surprise comment to your guardians. When I asked my sister and BIL about being guardians, my BIL replied, "quick, say yes so we don't get her dogs."

Eliza2006 said...

You did it!!! Good job!!!! Tate will be so happy!!!


Jennifer "Jenny" said...

Its such a GOOD feeling isn't it!

Julie said...

Yeah! How exciting!

Anonymous said...

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