Saturday, March 11, 2006



So how did this little princess spend her birthday??? ANYWAY SHE WANTED TO!!!!
Her day started with a her usual habit of snuggling in bed with her mom and dad.... Amazingly she got "tired" and ended up in bed so she could get BREAKFAST IN BED... She invited her sister SPARKLE to join in on the party. Later that day, per her request, she went skiing with just her Dad and had the time of her life!!! Nothing like having your Dad's undivided attention for all day long!!!!! She even mastered the ski lift and is snowplowing like a pro!!! Later a family party where she chose her favorite dinner HAWAIIAN HAYSTACKS (email me if you want the recipe) and had a whole extended family game night. The highlight of the whole evening was watching her first birthday on video..... I cannot believe that this all grown up gal was only a one year old toddling baby just 6 years ago. What was so cool about seeing Twinkle Toes as a one year old was that I keep thinking that in less than one year I will be celebrating Tate's first birthday. I will be able to video and capture her first steps as she learns to walk, glimpse the first two pearly white bottom teeth and hear her first little words. And year after year as Tate grows into a little girl, a pre-teen, a teenager and then an adult..... Each year I will cherish her and watch her first birthday and her second, and her third.... And you know the rest of her life!!!


Christi said...

It seems like in a blink of an eye they grow up! Your neice is precious.

Lisa & Jeff said...

I can tell you are a wonderful Aunt
and you are going to be a fantastic
Mommy to Tate.

Joannah said...

She's a cutie! Happy birthday, Twinkle Toes!